Adding to our Playerbase - Campaign

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Re: Adding to our Playerbase - Campaign

Post by Alvana » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:04 pm

My two cents as a returning player after ~10 years. I recognize that I'm an odd duck so I won't claim that what I've found to be true will be globally or even commonly true, but I find myself in somewhat of a fascinating between-worlds locale and I'm happy to share what I've observed.

Tribal knowledge bad, Public knowledge good
By far the biggest hurdle for me has always been learning things that "everybody knows" like zone abbreviations, smob locations, and what components are considered "full dodge". Best way to lower those barriers, IMO is to capture as much of that information as possible and dump it on the Wiki. The wiki is a godsend, in my book. Stats like weapon damage, guides on crafting, and the maps on the zones with important rooms highlighted are super clutch. One thing that could make huge bounds forward would be to take what Ragyn did here viewtopic.php?f=75&t=11564 and have a section for that kind of info at the bottom of the common PK zone pages. I realize it's a lot of work to get that done, and I think I speak for all of us when I say "thank you, and well done, Ragyn". Yesterday there was some PK in the Caralain Grassland (at least that's as far as I could gleam) and I realized I knew nothing about those zone callouts. And there's really not a fantastic place to ask someone to just explain it to you.
The big difference between tribal knowledge and public knowledge is this: Tribal knowledge is something that the people who need to know just know because it's been day-in and day-out to them for a while now. It's unusual to ask questions about these sorts of things, and if someone with the tribal knowledge concludes that you need to know something, they'll take the time to light your torch. Public knowledge is something that's been captured or written down so that people who want to learn can go learn without needing a private tutor.

Communication between players
I love having global comms, (and I really really love banter) but they're a bit of a mess. There's some suspension of disbelief when it comes to people being able to communicate globally in an RP manner. But there's something really special about someone logging on and narrating "Tai shar Manethern! For the glory of the Red Eagle! (or whatever)" that just instills fascination. I love hearing clans make bragging announcements when someone joins or ranks up. And I'm not asking everyone who's PKing to find a different channel - I think narrates should be anything that moves the story forward, or that your character is saying to interact with the WoT world. I know DS is its own ballgame and they just narrate everything (because otherwise how will you know someone's new to DS? Dead giveaway.) but on LS, it would be nice to have more distinction between what belongs on which channel and what doesn't. I seem to remember back in the day if you narrated something about the football game, you'd get the MUD equivalent of a shoe thrown at you ("chat, not narrates [yournamehere]" or something of the sort), and Chat was viewed as strictly OOC and free-for all BSing while we rest in whatever square waiting for something to do.
This is on my wish list and I know there's no way to really do anything about it but... can we somehow make it not weird to voice chat on Discord? It sounds like a really great feature to have a Smob channel and LS/DS channels (and even the CCS channel, too funny!) but it saddens me that I never see them in use. I'd love to talk and hang out with y'all but I don't want to be "the weird one" on the community (where I'm playing a text-based game... in 2020... and it's based on a book series... oh yeah and even though I'm a 28 year old guy I'm most well known by the name of my female character because... I can explain).

On a personal note, some thank-yous
Thanks to Ominas for being a crazy and wonderful bastard and going full-RP when inviting me to smob. That pretty well single-handedly sealed the deal for me coming back for more than a nostalgia weekend.
Thanks to Kali, Darlanyu, Fyra, and Trysstianna for making me feel like a part of a family in the Tower.
Thanks to Adael for sharing everything you've developed and collected for Mudlet. What a huge leg up to be up and running immediately with a map and some helpful scripts!
Thanks to Weir, Hress, and everyone else who's compiled data or taken the time to record their findings and share that as public knowledge.
Finally, thanks to Elysia and Vampa (and any other active IMMs I'm forgetting) for all the work they put in to keep us up and running and having fun. You love this game and it shows.

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Re: Adding to our Playerbase - Campaign

Post by Rig » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:42 pm

Hey Alvana. Myself and a few others use the VoIP channels regularly, just on different servers. It is indeed very fun to use while smobbing. It's probably the only thing that keeps me sane when there's nothing to do but smob because of all the BSing and banter that goes on. Feel free to yell at me on discord and most of the time I will join a voip if I'm not busy.

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