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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Elysia » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:11 pm

Rhonin wrote:
Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:56 pm
We cant at like the tower doesnt know by now since we have had WL jump ship and change clans to tower already. the existence of those characters changes what the sedai would or wouldnt know regardless of when in the books we are supposed to be.
I am not aware of that happening, to be honest. Only one WL member left and she was an Accepted made damane who was subsequently freed. Not like a damane would know anything about sul'dam.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Bivia » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:07 pm

Ah. my bad then. I took one of the rp posts as an actual ss character switching to tower and not as an unclanned rping as prior ss.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Reyne » Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:20 am

I would just tell the Tower people they don't know what they are talking about but if they are so confident in the workings of the leash perhaps they'd like to try their hand at using one.

Also Tuon's answer is pretty decent in terms of you can adopt it and act outraged that someone would knowingly choose to learn to channel without proper safety protocols (a leash). "Yeah we're all capable of cold blooded murder too, but we're not all murderers. Unrestricted channelers broke the world already. Unrestricted Channelers can form political organizations and use the Power to oppress non-Channelers." Et cetera.

You can also roleplay someone that just doesn't care if sul'dam can learn to channel or not - *someone* needs to keep the ones who can channel on their own contained and leashed and I think a loyal Seanchan would argue there isn't anything inherently wrong with slavery anyway (it's not like damane are the only enslaved people in the Empire).

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by isabel » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:00 am

I think at a base level we have to have some kind of consensus and mutual respect for another player's RP interpretation. For instance, someone might think a damane is a slave, and another might see them as voluntarily submissive, and both have to agree at an ooc level that both those are valid interpretations.

For me with Lancers the problem has been that in the books it's very clear that there is a high respect for the Tower, but in wotmud that RP is only consistently followed by some, while others are outright against it and see Tower and Seanchan at the same level. Unless we had OOC consensus on what counts as VALID Shienaran RP it often devolves into stupid arguments and accusations. As I see it, a Shienaran might even hate women and be suspicious of channelers personally - but he would still need to RP a great deal of respect (I think Uno comes to mind as someone who might be individually very discourteous, but tries very hard - because that is the culture - to speak politely around Aes Sedai).

Unless we can respect each other's RP, a large part of the game loses all meaning. It would be great if we returned to time when RP had meaning and characters were held accountable for it.

I mean for me personally, my Accepted had an incredibly hard time shawling because someone took offense at my RP which was that as a Green aspirant, I was only interested in fighting the Shadow and I didn't want to actively hunt Seanchan. At that time the latest books hadn't come out when the Tower wages war against SS. In the books timeline, many in the Tower didn't even know/believe in the Seanchan. So I thought it was VALID RP to not attack people unless they were directly attacking me (that time there weren't even SS channelers).

This is where there wasn't room to have two interpretations of a Tower character. For most clans, there should be room - you can be an arrogant Lion Warden, or a peace seeking one, one who starts a fight at the slightest pretext, or one who wants to pursue diplomacy as long as possible.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Cosmo » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:44 am

Personally it sounds like your interpretation is likely flawed/incorrect in some of those cases.

What I really disagree with is people that think they can RP something that is a contradiction to the actual world and then expect that they should have any respect for their completely flawed/incorrect interpretation of RP. Some things are simply not open to interpretation.

Like joining a clan and thinking you can just do something else because you don't want to follow the clan's RP. Such as being a Defender and having no interest in protecting the Stone, not being suspicious of channelers and running off to smob and make treaties with Dragonsworn for example. It's like trying to alter the IC role to its complete opposite.

So when you take for example an Accepted that wants to just do her own thing and is really unreasonably opinionated on politics of the world she would surely have had lesson after lesson about so she doesn't have a tunnel visioned view of the world, I really don't think that would fly and I could completely understand why you would have difficulties shawling. The reality is as an Accepted you should probably suck it up until you shawl before even voicing those kinds of opinions. Then sure as an Aes Sedai go about PKing trollocs instead but ultimately you still fight the battles of the Tower even then and if the Amyrlin seat told you to go battle the Seanchan that were doing a lot of damage in the world you would still be expected to go do that. You would also have to understand that not everyone shawls (most people don't) and if you can't change your world view because you're too stubborn believe the White Tower's mission shouldn't be so singular then likely you would not shawl. That is probably an RP thing I could see being relaxed to enable you to shawl but really I think you'd be wrong there from an RP perspective, but from a game play perspective I can see why people might sweep it under the rug to not put you off playing the game.

I think the RP dynamic around SS and Shienar is also a bit interesting and really it could be played out many ways in game, there are certainly many more ways it could go and no one would really have an issue with it RP wise. For example, yes - Shienar had strong ties to the White Tower so of course that's an RP consideration. I don't know if the whole women/culture thing is really as important however because Shienar also had very different priorities that kind of trumped their cultural values which I think also emphasises their tolerance of others who do not share their cultural values. The key priority for Shienar was obviously fighting back the blight/shadow and this trumped everything. There are references in the books of aiel and even male channelers that would go north to fight the shadow and Shienar was tolerant of these people provided that's what they were there to do. That said Aiel didn't go hang out in Fal Dara but I feel like that was mostly because Aiel had no reason to go hang out in Fal Dara.

So from that perspective I can't really see Shienar having a problem with SS provided they're fighting the shadow. Would they hang out in Fal Dara though? I think that's probably more open to debate. At our point in the timeline SS are probably more focused on the Corenne than sending raiding parties to the Blight. Obviously we have gameplay considerations though like the fact no one actually PKs down south any more so SS looking for PK are going to be coming up north which wouldn't happen in the traditional timeline of the books the game is set in.

What is the solution here? I think there's certainly some great RP opportunities involved from both Lancers/SS/White Tower but frankly every time we've reached out to capitalise on an RP opportunity Lancers have not been interested, which is fair enough, most of you are PKers. No one wants to meet up and RP anything, so nothing really happens then and we end up with two groups of people with strong opinions and a never ending cycle of general whinging and annoying each other.

How could it play out? Well we could RP it to a resolution which kind of happened previously where Shienar is fine and dandy with SS hanging out in Fal Dara etc provided they're fighting the shadow and we formalise that. OR we could RP it to a resolution where Shienar is like you're fine to PK up here but stay out of Fal Dara.

I think if the latter won out there would then be a case to be made for better mob support for SS up north. At the end of the day we are effectively sending raiding parties up north to fight the shadow up north at a point in the timeline where we typically wouldn't basically due to gameplay factors. So in my view there would be a case to say these gameplay factors should be addressed in the form of supporting SS to be able to play the game in a manner that enables them to progress their characters/PK while also still fitting into the RP environment dictated by the players.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Itesh » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:59 am

You claim that people often ignore their basic character RP in order to better pursue their own desires, no matter how far that takes from the basic premise of their Role play.

This is true.

Then you post an extended screed on why this means Shienar should be basically a-okay with the Empire.
The Corenne (meaning "the Return" in the Old Tongue) is the name given by the Seanchan both to the fleet of thousands of ships and to hundreds of thousands of soldiers, craftsmen and others carried by those ships, who came behind the Forerunners to reclaim the lands stolen from Artur Hawkwing's descendants. The Corenne is led by Captain-General Lunal Galgan.[1]
The Corenne, of which you are a part, is concerned with reclaiming Hawkwing's lands, of which Shienar was once a part. The Corenne, throughout the books, is largely unconcerned by the Shadow until right near the end of the series.

So... you're kind of demonstrating your own point, a little.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Alison » Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:12 am

Adding to what austin says. I do want to add the usage of rpmob semote as well.

Dont go forcing another character into doing something to fit your own form of rp.

tell rpmob semote XX person suddenly lunges at you (Using the exmaple from lucies earlier). This seems like you forcing their rp into your views.

(On this topic is it possible to remove our names added to the end of the semotes?. It doesnt look rpishly right with my name tagged at the end. Maybe just gag it for us but keep it in the games logs in case someone breaks rp protocol)

A proper way of using rpmob

tell rpmob semote A courrier hands Alison a tube decorated with sigils and scribbles.

Basically it adds to my rp and the defender that was with me acknowledged the courrier and it evolved a rp session between us that i quite frankly enjoyed.

Re Isabel and your accepted . As a person that has never been great at rp, i hear your pain. The world is a lot different now than the one i joined way back in 2006. Dont give up due to setbacks. It took me longer to shawl than others. Get lessons in rp and how its done. Then just adjust your playstyle.

Some level or rp is required of accepted and aes sedai that would be used for or against you when you want to shawl. This is a fact and by no means will i want to change it. Instead adapt to the system and find your niche.

I did. Just ask my friends how long it took me to shawl.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by isabel » Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:43 am

Cosmo wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:44 am
So when you take for example an Accepted that wants to just do her own thing and is really unreasonably opinionated on politics of the world
This right there is a classic instance of someone being not only condescending, but just dismissive of someone else's RP and trying to decide for them. What in the world makes you think that my Accepted's RR was "just her own thing" and that it was "unreasonably opinionated"?

In my post I started by saying that there has to be respect for other people's RP as valid RP. If you have a doubt about a Tower member's RP that is neutral to SS then the first thing to do would be to find out how they substantiate it. Verin in the books goes to great lengths that other Aes Sedai wouldn't. There's also this Brown I remember who is more interested in understanding the language of the trollocs than the danger or being alarmed that the trollocs are there at all.

Your vision of the Tower is what sounds skewed and disillusioned - that people should shut out their RP until they shawl and do what they like after. What's the point of that from a game RP perspective?

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Cosmo » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:38 pm

The point is that certain RP has consequences. If you RP something that is going to make shawling difficult or not happen at all then that is a choice you are making. The RP is valid but you can't expect it not to have consequences like not shawling, being kicked out of a clan etc.

I don't think anyone is saying you can't RP what you want, you just can't be a certain role and think you can RP anything you like.

And yessss Itesh, we take back the lands!! But my point is we have something happening here that doesn't align with the timeline of the books due to gameplay factors. How do we deal with that? I would be totally fine with SS not being allowed in FD etc as would many others but it has gameplay implications. How do we balance that? I'm sure there must have been some discussion about it at a staff level.

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Re: Roleplay Rules

Post by Delion » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:15 pm

Cosmo wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:44 am
Like joining a clan and thinking you can just do something else because you don't want to follow the clan's RP. Such as being a Defender and having no interest in protecting the Stone
Uh oh

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