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Postby Biol » Sat Sep 26, 2015 7:56 pm

There was an interesting conversation on the game this evening principally on the deletion of Seandar. I just thought I'd post, hoping not to get trolled.

As a player who will never be an elite pker yet who has still played this game off and on for a long time ('99) I miss the continent of Seandar and therefore I wanted to open up a post on whether players also miss Seandar and the SS as was.

I admit that am unashameably 'pro' its return. As an off/on pker I do miss logging on and finding the RP and camaraderie of the SS in the relative safety of Seandar. Sometimes, I just want to smob, or exp, or chill in the relative tranquillity that Seandar afforded.

Before you flame, ask yourself if you are mostly pk'er? If so, is it possible that the theoetical moving togethether of the player base by deleting Seandar plays in to your interests? However, does this alienate a proportion of the (potential) playerbase who perhaps prefer the RP element of the game and may one day become pk'ers?

If anything, the 'Experienced Player' tag should never have sat with the SS when Seandar was around, because it was a very nurturing, friendly environment for new players.


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Re: Seandar

Postby Mantorok » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:05 pm

Seandar should be brought back, but this time with the zones cut back a bit. It never needed that huge space, but readding in west zone, rtl swamp, docks, north zone, maybe tamikas/Kirendad and/or ED zone is fine.

But this time choke up the zones like what was done with AD, and make it more accessible for LS/DS so we don't hear any of that "too safe" nonsense again.

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Re: Seandar

Postby Elysia » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:08 pm

I'm sorry, but the Player's Lounge is not intended as a replacement of "Balance" or a game changes discussion forum. Imms may at times ask for feedback on a particular change, but considering that is not the case, I'm locking this.

For the record, if you're more rp inclined, the White Tower is one of the more rp heavy clans in the game.

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