Threads coming undone

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Tarkon Viera
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Threads coming undone

Postby Tarkon Viera » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:28 pm

I have been here for a long time . Back when numbers were high and life was good. It seems that over time we have made adjustments to the game and some I understand why. But it seems more is being sacrificed for the pk side vs giving incentive to rp . More adjustments to enhance the game for top end players vs bringing in new blood . Granted muds are a dying game but there is no reason ours should die . Its to the point I can't stomach playing like I did a mere few months ago. This is a message to the imms and players alike to look past personal wants for the better of the game. Because what I see is Wotmud becoming the new kinslayer mud. Full of poison .


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