Treating people with decency

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Joolis » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:10 am

I can't believe there are 5 pages discussing whether to be civil to each other...

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Aishana » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:55 am

If something finally kills this mud it will be toxicity from the community. I've seen it happen before in another mud, and it happened the same way. Slow attrition of players leaving not because of life/boredom but because of toxic environment until it's just no longer worth it to keep the thing going. I quit years ago for a combination of reasons, but number one on the list was the toxic community, mostly outside of game (forums). I recently came back and have contemplated quitting again a few times now for the same reasons and coincidentally because of many of the same players, none of whom know who I played before. Unfortunate that a small minority of people have been allowed to perpetuate such an unhealthy enironment for so long.

It's one thing to have a little trash talk and competitiveness, but there are a few people who just make things personal and all around shitty. If people's general reaction is to log off with a "Go F yourself" after interacting with you, you're the problem. And generally, those people who just have this attitude of "everyone needs to just toughen up" are one in the same. You should actually care that you are pissing people off. And people genuinely are being pissed off, as evidenced by a new thread started by a new person about how people need to stop being assholes every other week.

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Enok » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:20 am

I think some of you are conveniently leaving out one aspect that may trigger unwanted language. The fact that certain people play like assholes any chance they get or when they think no one is looking. AFK/LD killing other players, killing inno-/justice mobs for cash and gear, stealing/hogging gear and scalps from splits, utilizing universally cheap tactics constantly etc. The list goes on. And I'm not talking about 3 month newbies here.

To actively ruin the atmosphere for other players by playing like a total ass is just as bad as saying "this fucking guy again, I'm going in" or "hit fucking downer you slow ass rogues". If you're looking for a hunky dory place where you can single play your way through level 1-51 while acting like a complete nutcase this isn't, and never was, the game for you. If you bring up community and camaraderie you absolutely have to mention that being a part of wotmud entails being a good person; not just sounding like one.

My scepticism of topics such as this one stems from 10-15 years of on and off play and I can honestly think of far worse gaming communities than this one. The irony of some of you speaking out against foul language as if you weren't yourselves part that very problem back in the day is also quite entertaining.

I still firmly believe that people who repeatedly break rules and abuse others should be banned at the best of the ability of the staff. You can only hide your true colors for so long and the players who slip through the cracks via VPN's and anonymous alts will eventually adapt or get tossed out again. If the staff feels that there is a new sheriff in town and he/she is not going to go Wyatt Earp on players then I guess I'll have to deal with that.

Joolis wrote:I can't believe there are 5 pages discussing whether to be civil to each other...

No offence, Joolis, but I think you're simplifying the topic just a little bit here.

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Jaster » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:45 pm

The great WotMud debate that will continue forever and with every new post a week. How to make things feel better or feel good for what YOU want or expect. That is an unrealistic expectation in a game that is globalized to different real cultures and has different game races that RP to behave differently.
The Wheel of Time MUD is a classic old MUD (Multi User Dungeon): a multiplayer game which has been enjoyed for free by web users since 1993. It has since become the most popular online game set in the Wheel of Time world, with a unique mixture of MUDders and Wheel of Time fans!
Our aim: just a fun online game =). A sophisticated but personalised game environment in which folk can come and play whenever they want to play. Our free online MUD game involves strategy, teamwork, puzzle-solving, timing and knowledge gathering; but what you choose to do is up to you, nothing is mandatory, and we have as few rules as is reasonably possible.
We steer the game towards an 'anti-clique' middle course in order to create a quality MUD with specific features which appeal to as many types of folk as possible, from roleplayers to explorers, from socialisers to pkillers, from addicts to casuals, and from Wotmaniacs to the best veteran mudders around.

That being said, if you feel someone is breaking an actual houseguest rule. By all means report them and be done with it. No need to divulge into your political persona or meaning of life and friendship. The game is more ridiculous than ever because people are super emotional over everything that happens. You have people who can't come to grips with getting killed by a certain person in the game. We have people who can't deal with another person due to their EQ setups. We have people who don't like how another pks. We have people who can't take direction well from others. We have people who speak out, get talked back to, and then cry about it. We have people who can't stand smobbers. We have people who cant stand ganks/cheap tactics/alts. It is the constant whine that is the blaze of the game burning to the ground. And the fire wont be put out until its just the people whining the most to get the game all to themselves so it can be played "their" way and in a "Safe space" from any mental danger.

You can try to run away or hide behind your problems in real life but you sure as hell wont be able to in any multi user game in any form in todays age. It can be a MUD, a sport, a console game, PC game, or even a board game. People will use what they know to try and win or play to their enjoyment. The mud has coded an option to assist if you feel a select person is not verbally treating you as you wish. "Ignore" command. If someone breaks a house guest rule, report the behavior and let the immortals decide if it breaks the rule or not. I have always found this to be a constant and truth in life. Those the whine and complain the most, always have the most negative effects or outcomes on a situation. They generally are less happy and more depressing to be around. Those who remain positive and look for new angles to succeed and increase their enjoyment, have always been those who work their way up and perform at a higher level. They generally are far happier and rally people around them with great morale. No one can change this behavior but yourself and it starts with yourself.

That's my opinion and the best part is I could care less if you agree or disagree with it. I will continue to enjoy the game and help those around me enjoy it when I am on their side. When I am on the opposite side of you, I am very sorry, but I must do my best to win on that side as well. Nothing personal. Enjoy!

P.S. What I take from you today, I will probably give or help you earn tomorrow. Don't sweat it :twisted:

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Vampa » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:38 pm

We have a great community, I believe. Several communities exist within the whole of WoTMUD. Community has nothing to do with communication, however, it is a group with which you have something in common. Communication is only one part of how we interact. If someone says something to you that you find offensive, you should let them know. If they continue, you should ignore them. If you've made intent clear, and they persist, by doing something like finding you and using emotes towards you, then that's willful malice. Then, you should report it.

Some people are invariably going to end up being the bad person relative to yourself. We've got invading races, an actual dark side, insane magic wielders, murderers. Religious zealots. There's blood, fire and fury. Some character's actual role is to persecute another group. It is generally pretty clear when something crosses a line. I believe people try to avoid doing so, but if your lines are different than everyone else, you need to let someone know when they cross them. If you participated in escalation of a situation, then you need to take credit in doing so. If you get hurt by something on a personal level, escalation isn't the answer.

Everyone isn't supposed to get along, but everyone is expected to not harass each other. Someone insulting you is not harassment. Neither is someone attacking, or even killing you. You have no right to expect your feelings won't be hurt at some point. You do have a right to expect that they are not intentionally and repeatedly hurt by the same person.

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Re: Treating people with decency

Postby Firimei Lang » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:03 pm

Jaster and Vampa thank you. Such a clear concise response.
We'll need to step back from what builds upand inevitably implodes.
Everyone is their own, but we emulate others and aspire to get as good, etc. If those role models in PK or RP seem to fail human decency..Then we feel burnt and bitter.

Other instances can include one action of bad sportsmanship and it reverberates around our diminished community.

Empathy goes a long way.

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