Funny quotes.

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Re: Funny quotes.

Postby isabel » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:50 am

Found this while deleting a bunch of stuff on my old laptop. From 2013, and no one outside of wotmud will get the jokes, so fwiw:

Biggest hoarder in the books was Tam. It's pretty obvious that he yoinked the heron from group pk during the Aiel war, ran off with it, offered to trade it to some noname player for an uberstatted mc with sick physicals like Mangler, then ripped off that player by walking off with the char and heron. Waited till he had levelled Rand up to 20 or so, and for what 5 mud years, hoarded the heron in his EF storage and then transferred it to Rand.

Early on Rand offers to trade it to Lan for an uberhunter but Lan just tells him to xp and learn the game and wait on rerolls thinking he's a 17 17 newbie hunter. Rand essentially just sits in cities, or when he's outside spams narrs till he has a group of 5-6 including a bonded pair, a wb, a master and an fc minimum, a bit like Markus. You'll see that a bunch of players keep trying to get him to pk, including some heron fade which is probably Jaster, but he keeps running into the nearest city and emote RPing in random taverns with Thom. At one point Padan Fain gets fed up and tries to doorbush, and almost gets him, but Rand spams narrs for Mat to hit, then flees out when he's buffing and screws him over.

By the end of book 3, which is a very long time - maybe 2 mud years? Rand decides to actually pk with the heron, and what does he pk? Not group pk no - he basically sets up a 1v1 in Falme with some SS player who likes to 1v1, probably Yeri before he mastered. Realizes he's utterly outskilled and starts losing badly then magically wins after he 'finds' the 'void', at beat-wounded, after closing the doors.

Then you'll notice he doesn't just take the heron, but sticks it in a no loc and probably gets Egwene to port nearby later and get it. This way he doesn't have to split it with anyone even though the only reason he stayed 1v1 was because 4 of his group kept the entire SS wholist busy, and 1 Benito type conservative BG master died and would have wanted re-eq.

We never hear about that heron again which means it's basically accumulating incredible rent credit in his Chico rent. After that he has another 1v1 with some fade - probably Lykan, who showed up to solo gank that ss pk. I forget the details but basically someone on LS makes a lot of noise on MSN for a bunch of people to log on, so LS goes from 20 to 120 who list in no time. Meanwhile, Rand baits into a door and calls 3 fcs and they all break RP by pking with an mc. Lykan mails Viv about it and she noshouts him, gives him a name change, some useless unique Aran'gar/Osan'gar dirks or something like that. And that's Rand's heron # 3 which never gets mentioned, and is in storage.

Eventually Lan gets fed up and is like I'm going Blight, r u coming? And he says you go start up pk, I'll join. Of course he doesn't want to lose his heron to a bunch of trolls, so he never goes north and keeps telling Nynaeve how Lan is going to get ganked alln gap.

Then mostly he spars these LS newbs 3-4 at a time to feel pro. Starts a PRC called Black Tower, and basically sits Tear with idle/trigger on, probably forum mudding like Oraste.

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Re: Funny quotes.

Postby Dartes » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:57 pm

That's a good save. I chuckled.

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