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Postby Loomis » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:56 pm

What's up guys and gals?!

Since I spend most of my free time playing the markets, I thought we could maybe start a thread about investing...companies you like/are invested in, why, forecast, etc. I am always on the lookout for new investments, and am happy to share any that I have. I know that my investment style wont suite everyone, as I have an extreme risk tolerance and play the jr's(TSX-V, CSE...I think equivalent to OTC in the states).

I guess I will start us off. I have been "investing" in jr. exploration companies since about the age of 16(35 this year eep!). This is actually what peaked my interest to go back to school for Geology. Being a geologist, it definitely helps understand the news releases when they are talking about grades, rock types, and all that fun stuff.

A couple companies to look at for this upcomming exploration season are:

Garibaldi Resources
Symbol: Canada: GGI USA: GGIFF
Price: 2.55 CAD
Target: 5.00(minimum at some point this summer/fall)

and since these are symbiotic plays, ill add this one and explain them both together...

Metallis Resources
Symbol: Canada: MTS USA: MTLFF
Price: 1.00 CAD
Target: 2.00(minimum at some point this summer/fall Full disclosure, I currently do not own either of these, but have in the past and plan to own them again in the near future as the new exploration season kicks off in the spring.

Ok so now as to why I think they will be an easy double at some point throughout the next 6 months or so... I owned Garibaldi Resources last year. Started buying it around .21 and kept buying it as I learned more about their property. I amassed quite a healthy number of shares with an average of .64 last year, and ended up selling them just before Christmas for an extremely healthy profit(as you can see by the charts if you look at them). Anyway, both of these stocks ran huge last year on the speculation that GGI has stumbled onto a crazy Nickel deposit(think Voisey's Bay if you are old enough to remember that). GGI ended up smashing INSANE nickel grades(around 8% over 16m), however their season ended with only 14 holes due to winter weather setting in on top of the mountain. This year they are headed back to deliniate the deposit further and to investigate some of the other anomalies along their 6km+ trend. I am extremely confident that it will run to 5+ again this year. If they keep pulling up insane grades like that, then the sky is the limit.

The trend appears to continue onto Metallis' property which is directly to the south of GGI. This is the reason MTS ran from pennies to almost 3 dollars. They attempted 1 rushed hole to jump on the hype train, but missed. This year they will be going back with a world renowned nickel deposit expert(who also works for GGI), and should easily bring 2 dollars a share at some point this season. MTS is nice because it will ride GGI coattails, no matter the outcome of their own exploration program...if they end up hitting on their own work, then bonus!

So yeah, those are my 2 pretty much guarantee doubles for the next 6-8 months. Again, I take no responsibility for your investments...just passing along info. Do your own due dilligence. This sector is extremely high risk/high reward.

Another I thought that I'd throw out there is Blocplay Entertainment Inc.
Symbol: Canada: PLAY USA: unsure
Price: .11 CAD
Target: .50 CAD

Full disclosure: I own quite a few shares of this

This is BlocPlay Entertainment, formally Stompybot. Stompybot basically bought out a company called TokenPlay and changed the company name to BlocPlay Entertainment. This company is building a platform to compete with Steam. Using the blockchain their goal is to have multiple console types(mobile/pc/xbox/ps4) on one platform. This platform will also allow for trading of gear/tournaments/and I believe eventually betting on games. They are ramping up for a big news cycle leading into GDC(game developers covention), and beyond. I believe Thomas Smith of Halo just signed on with them, and their CEO is Jon Gill, who was managing director of SEGA. It could be a powerful 1-2 punch having both Stompybot and TokenPlay under the same roof. Stompybot are the makers of Heavy Gear Assault(HGA) which should hopefully be lauched on Steam by GDC or shortly after I believe. If they can do well in sales(I think they have 26k copies presold already), then cashflow wont be a worry as they try to capture more marketshare with the TokenPlay platform.

Anyway, those are my picks. A quick down and dirty of them. Im always super interested in anything Jr. exploration/mining, or startup companies in Canada. If you guys have any questions, just let me know. I look forward to seeing how this thread progresses and reading about all your future picks!


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Re: Investing

Postby Reyne » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:49 pm

Probably none of these will double in a year but less risk:

In no particular order:
- MJ: I don't have access to the Toronto exchange so my marijuana stock speculation is stuck on NYSE, and this is the only thing that looks decent and not just some random penny stock biotech/pharma with a very tangential relation
- XAR because the USA isn't cutting military spending any time soon. Sucks but is what is.
- GAMR because video games and the hardware they run on are an expanding industry with good prospects for the future. I'm not really about picking individual companies so instead of riding the NVDA/AMD rollercoaster or picking EA/ATVI/etc, I just get the ETF. There might be some better options but this one seems more focused on video games vs strictly tech although obviously there is quite a bit of overlap.
- FIW on somewhat of a lark but after this last drought here it seemed like a not bad idea.

I have shares in all those. As Loomis said do your own research and don't cry to me if you buy all the weed stocks and Sessions makes you broke :D Probably wouldn't put the retirement in any of these.

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Re: Investing

Postby gawrath » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:21 am

My fav of the ones I have at the moment is SNCR Syncroness technology. Cloud communications platform, AI, Iot company.

They have had some trouble with filings over the last year but I believe that is about to come to an end. About a year ago they were trading around 30 bucks. Current pps around 9.44.

They should be filing by May first and expected to hear some updates between march 15th and 30th. Company is heavily shorted so I would expect a huge spike. Also just received some new over the weekend on a deal with sprint. Should be a fun one to watch.

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