Grouping with wanted rules?

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Re: Grouping with wanted rules?

Postby Thore » Thu May 31, 2018 11:55 pm

Wait I statted Hether! And gave her away, who's got her now?! :D

Nostalgia, AIM log from 3/14/2005:
20:18 - me: I statted a 14 18 19 18 14 fc first try once, gave her away and now she's seized by imms. :(
20:18 - someone: damn
20:18 - someone: why give away? :P
20:18 - someone: not Hether is it?
20:18 - me: I was statting one for a friend and he wanted one.
20:18 - me: Yeah Hether.
20:18 - someone: she's getting returned, or so I heard today

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