Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

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Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Vilac » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:29 am

I am going to express why I feel the removal of old master mob lead is bad for the game and should be turned back on. I am sure there were some great intentions and reasons why it was disabled but i think the pros outway the cons at this stage of the game.

Old Master mob would do the following:
-Help balance uneven pk vs. numbers

-Keep pk going for longer sessions

-Give solo people assistance with doing things(loners)

-Help people who play in low playerbase times of the mud

-Help with smob group numbers

-QP sink

-Help with city quests or raids

All of these pros helped promote activity. Something that is lacking. More and more people like to afk or discord because they have nothing to do or cannot fight back. Some choose to rent because at their playtime they can't do anything solo. This is not good.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Dimmu » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:33 am

Yes to all of the above. Hopefully reverting the change might also reinvigorate the DS from it's current malaise.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby achillies » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:22 am


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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Enok » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:39 am

With a vastly limited utility command list, I wouldn't be entirely opposed to its return.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Neveyan » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:24 am


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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby isabel » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:47 am


-Help balance uneven pk vs. numbers

zones are there for this reason.

-Keep pk going for longer sessions

people's willingness to hit determines this

-Give solo people assistance with doing things(loners)

let smobber clans get them then - or they can play stabbers

-Help people who play in low playerbase times of the mud

master mob is only available to masters, who can already hit stuff better. i often log on with very few on - (if this is supposed to be a solution to low playerbase, then it should be something leadable if numbers fall below a certain amount, or at certain times of the day and available to everyone then. leaders/experienced players should be mentoring other players to take on raids instead of relying on mob lead.

-Help with smob group numbers

there's already low level mob lead to buff something, and it's repeatable

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Theid » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:32 am

I am against bringing back the old master mob lead. I agree with leadable mobs being mainly for RP purposes with minor Pk/Exp/Smobbing advantages.

Old Master mob would do the following:

-Help balance uneven pk vs. numbers :

By help, do you mean create an unfair advantage for the side who can lead an incredible amount of mobs throughout 90% of the PK zones?
And Numbers aren't the end all of Pk. 2 Dsers can beat 4 LSers when using zones, fleeing, regrouping ect. They don't A) have to be master dsers to do this and B) if faced with incredible odds 4+ LS vs 2 DS, then they should get low and go into Keep. Next step is for LS to hit inside if they want to continue pking.

-Keep pk going for longer sessions :

Again, I feel master mobs = Steam rolling. So I fail to see how this prolongs pk. And I agree with Isabel, Pk goes on for as long as people stick around / chase / hit. If 5 LS don't hit 2 inside Keep, then that's their choice. Giving 1 of the two Dsers 1 master mob, won't change that.

-Give solo people assistance with doing things(loners) :

I agree that a master mob is a boon for a solo player. It should never replace another player however. Current master mobs can still help solo players.

-Help people who play in low playerbase times of the mud :

Low playerbase times are equal for all sides so, the solo LSer pking will probably fight the solo DSer? I fail to see how a master mob will change that. And otherwise, see previous answer of what solo players (low playerbase times) can do.

-Help with smob group numbers :

I am happy with the master mob dissuasion enforced with emote dmg. 2 masters running around farming all the smobs for no reason and dumping the eq in barrels, while helpful for the barrel feeders its unhelpful in terms of coalition and multiplaying with others. By removing master mobs in general from Smobbing runs more people spend time with more people. This is good.

-QP sink :

I think trink issuing is enough of a qpt sink. Masters leading and pking and then taking scalps from non masters to cover for their mobs death? Is silly. Non masters should get the scalps first, not the guy who lost a mob and is already bonused.

-Help with city quests or raids :

Raids. If you are raiding solo, you're out of luck as an abser. Other than acting as long term bait to the north. As a comboer or dodger, there are tons of DS friendly locations that can be used to allow you to get kills or live forever.
City Quests. 5 masters and 5 old mobs vs 5 masters and 5 new mobs, is about the same thing. It's still a huge group and while your 1 mob with a dark barbed flail won't be able to take out an entire patty anymore, the 5 completely free new mobs will still do loads of damage and require that you buff or rescue them more often.

TL;DR - I feel the current system is fine and master postures/dmg is amazing in and of itself. A "weak" leadable mob that breaks deff and can be eqed is amazing.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Lykan » Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:55 am

I havent been very active since this change, but my limited experience:

I agree with Vilac 100% regarding balancing uneven pk. Each time I played Lykan w/o moblead since the changes and actually found pk, it eventually ended after 4-8 vs me were in north pk zones and I ran out of options that were feasible for both sides. Moblead gave the versatility for people to dynamically shape pk ebb and flow and change the possibilities; if Im beat blight vs 4 healthy non-channeling humans who are grouped, I have very little chance of using patties/agros to turn the tide without moblead if they are remotely competent. If I have 6 people about to hit me in Ilsae while Im crit, I may roll the dice if I have a mob to split the buffer but NWIH I do if Im solo w/o a mob. Moblead enticed risks and allowed people to push their characters further than they otherwise wouldve been able to, which is the root of what made this game exceptional.

Point being, yes moblead was certainly used by some (really, most of you - you only have yourselves to blame) to excess and to overwhelm. Most SS masters never left Falme w/o a mob, certain fades literally just sat gk with a healthy/eqed mob and waited for people to be low before swooping in for a virtually 0-risk kill, many tower members never smobbed or pkd without a fully eqed mob. Orino...etc. But I think it generally promoted more action and death than it detracted.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Zeeb » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:10 am

I really miss being able to open doors that require a lot of search...trolloc practices just don't really allow for that unless you have dirks!

on the flip side, no mob lead has been really nice for pking outnumbered against DS. Before a fade would just dump trolloc mobs onto ragan so using that when low vs them was about impossible.

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Re: Master Mob Lead (Way beyond 30 days) #SetThemFREE

Postby Rark » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:17 am

agree with Lykan - a fix/compromise would be to severely limit the types of mobs that remorts can lead, make it only a 2-3 mobs in Blight, maybe make it wolfish trollocs only. I wholeheartedly agree that a lot of people used mobs without there being a point to it, I still see it now with the new mobs, but they are not as impactful as the old mobs. I will echo Lykan and say I really miss the days where I could continue PKing solo blight vs numbers, but after my shadow stallions are dead there isn't much to do vs a group, adding a couple mobs blight to help with this would be great and wouldn't mean that one fade can dump 6 mobs in a door - although it would not take away the option of fades using an eqed mob in already winning situation, so I guess there is that. I personally only ever had an issue with DS leadable mobs, since humans rarely use em for PK bar a couple.

Personally never saw smobbing with a mob as excessive use, although I do see a problem with 2 masters with 2 eqed mobs running through the whole map, defeats the purpose of smobbing imo - especially now that smobs give a fair bit of qps. A fix to this could be to have smobs emote a lot if they see more than one mob, unsure if that is possible to mobol or if it would just add a lot of work to the staff.

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