Thoughts From a Returning Nobody

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Thoughts From a Returning Nobody

Postby Tandrael » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:51 pm

Hi everybody. I’m a returning player who has just come back from a ~5 year absence. I started WoTMUD 2000-2001 when the player of Ibiet got me into the books and the game. Over the years of short periods of hyperactivity followed by long periods of inactivity, I’ve had about a dozen characters spread between the three sides (three of whom clanned). All but one of those has autodeleted. Every time I come back I start all over and fall back in love. Eventually the honeymoon period ends and I quit for a variety of reasons.

Even though I’m still in the honeymoon period, I’d like to tell you some of the game reasons why I think I’m less likely to quit for years now (irl reasons are less predictable). The overall quality of the community is better than I’ve ever seen. Numbers are obviously really low, but what’s left is a group of players and staff that are the most dedicated to the game. Everyone I’ve come into contact with has been pleasant and helpful. Every single one. I know lame things still happen, but I have never seen a healthier overall attitude in any gaming community.

I love that there have been big changes in the game. I don’t love all the changes themselves, but I’m glad that the staff have been actively developing the game. I do love the ease of getting stats and exp. Since I start the game fresh every time, one of the things that made me not want to come back was the tedium of statting and exping. Tandrael is the highest level character I’ve ever had (lvl 48) by 13 levels, and I statted him less than two weeks ago. I love how easy it is to get pkable equipment. Every time I quit the game was preceded by a dying streak that left my eq stores dry. I felt too burnt out to face the daunting chore of even getting an abs set and decent weapon.

I could go on and on (I’ve probably already been too long winded), but I just want to finish with a thank you. Thank you to every player, staff member, and even forum lurker. Thank you for keeping this game remarkably alive after all of this time. See you on the battlefield/smob group/central square/forum/discord.


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Re: Thoughts From a Returning Nobody

Postby Benito » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:11 pm

Glad to hear it. Welcome back!

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Re: Thoughts From a Returning Nobody

Postby Ashlee » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:35 pm

Welcomd back!!

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Re: Thoughts From a Returning Nobody

Postby hyzael » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:27 pm

welcome frand!

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