Retirement (at least temporary)

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Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Paridora » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:09 pm

My great friends and WoTmud family,

I am sorry to say that I really need a break from the game.

This game has literally saved my life. So I thank all of you for that. Gretchen, Adael, Kaan, Rico, Roberto, Seeras, Darchei, and others that I am too emotional to remember right now. The current changes and repercussions of those changes are proving to be quite overwhelming for me at this time in my life and I am not able to continue for the time being.

I may be back in time. But for now. goodbye.

All the love this old man can give,

Paridora, Mhaliah, Aardvolf (etc)

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Razhak » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:10 pm

Take care, come back when you are ready.

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Ashlee » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:16 pm

Take care. Always loved pking with you

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Kaan » Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:20 pm

Good luck, Mhaliah. Hang in there.

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Tandrael » Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:38 pm

You’re a great person. Hope to see you back when you’re able.

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Rig » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:29 pm

Be good, friend Aardvolf. I will remember your sacrifices and berserking power in the blight always. See you around when you come back!

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Dartes » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:46 pm

You'll be missed! Sorry to see you go, and I look forward to your return, bud.

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Octavio » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:51 pm

Take a break, take care of yourself. Come back when you're ready.

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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Naerin » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:51 pm

Take care, you were always fun to play with.

Firimei Lang
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Re: Retirement (at least temporary)

Postby Firimei Lang » Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:28 pm

Thank you for the mention, you were always a good person.
Message anytime for a chat. I've been to absent from the mud, between lack of motivation to play and being in Norway for the last two weeks.

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