Jalagang Falls

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Jalagang Falls

Postby Chiron » Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:50 pm

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Some time later as a passerby did recall...

Captain Adevir and Warden Shia galloped through the streets. Aside from trollocs and other creatures invading the city, there was this mad channeler. Broken walls and burned roofs could be repaired, but the damage of a mile wide hold in the ground due to a channeler could not so easily be repaired. As the pair of Warden rounded the corner of the palace, they came upon the man in the back alley.

Giggling softly to himself, Jalagang holds the leather boot above his head and drains the last bit of blood from it, smacking his lips loudly. He sets the soft boot aside.

Both Wardens grimace at the scene of slain commonfolk in the alleyway.

Standing and skipping down the alleyway, Jalagang begins singing, "Boots, boots and blood! Boots, boots and blood and absolutely no mud! I'd make a soup, if only I could find a spud!"

Warden Shia and Lord Aldevir dismounted from their horses and approached, weapons in hand to put down the man.

Stopping at a corner, Jalagang cocks his head and bites his lip. "Yes, I would love to dance, m'lady!". Sketching a stiff, jerky bow, he leans toward Aldevir with hands outstretched.

Warden Shia skirts behind the fiend in order to get him from both sides.

"The man's truly gone mad," Aldevir notes to Shia as he sends the man sprawling away from him. Just too close for comfort that one.

Picking up a tune again, Jalagang stumbles backwards ever so gracefully if failing to actually land.

Behind Jalagang, Shia had raised his greatsword, preparing to attack. Jalagang ever so cleanfully fell right into it and Shia.

And yet Jalagang continued on, "Alas, my darling, here I must leave you" he murmurs. Nodding grimly to himself, he glances up and down the alleyway.

Lord Aldevir approaches, but it seems as though they aren't really in this fight.

Jalagang reaches into his coat and picks up a spoon and gestures violently toward Shia, "You there! Pass the beans, if you please.". Giggling to himself, he attempts to turn and embrace Warden Shia. He is very unceremoniously dropped onto the ground with a greatswort still sticking through him.

Cocking his head, Jalagang considers the alleyway, corpses, and Wardens for several moments in complete silence. Then, with a maniacal laugh, he begins waving his spoon toward his mouth.

Lord Aldevir shakes his head and then nods to the young Warden.

Warden Shia pulls out his greatsword, raises it up, and drops it down through the neck of the rambling madman. Another corpse to litter the street.

Further cries of battle and howls of darkhounds can be heard throughout the city.

The Wardens nod to each other, remount their horses, and gallop back into the fray.

~~as seen and heard from a passing commoner who raised arms in the foray~~

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