Lugard Brokers.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Aishana » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:45 pm

Yeah the trick is finding a happy medium where a good number of players will want to buy and sell these items, though some people will always find the price either too high to pay or too low to sell. Pulling the numbers on number of items sold vs number in stock should be a good indicator of where the pricing should be, also.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Taziar » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:49 pm

Could make a mob solely for MURGOZ equipment and would that free up space? Has anyone has ever sold MURGOZ on the market, I would think not as that price is too low.

edit- could we get some sales figures Elysia, just to help see how the market has done so far?

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Reyne » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:36 pm

We could see which items move the least slash which are put up for sale the least and start from there.

Elysia wrote:Not possible due to space problems and simply the way mobol works.

Ah well, had to ask. Hmm. Maybe I'll make a character to fill that niche, seems like it could be fun.

Taziar wrote:Finger: 200 GOLD --- 100 IVY --- 50 SILVER, EMERALD
Neck: 500 OBSIDIAN --- 250 SHIMMERING --- 100 KANDORI --- 50 TORC
Body: 2000 GOWN --- 200 RED --- 100 MANTLE, CAPE --- 50 TABARD
Wrist: 500 JEWELED --- 250 KANDORI --- 100 SUNGWOOD --- 50 GATOR
Belt: 300 CBELT --- 50 STUDDED

This seems fairly in line with what I'd be happy to pay or receive for selling. In general just some of the rarer items seem a little too cheap in that I don't find myself wanting to sell them for that price.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Baco » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:07 pm

Naturally, no one will sell a jeweled wristcuff or a gown here as the clan mobs would give 3k / 6k for those items?

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Theid » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:11 pm

Weapons that are Craft Only : 400 crowns.

Sblades and Spears : Sbladers in general and spear users are high survival setups. Therefore their weapon should be sought after and in the expensive tier. Red, Kris, Curved, Jade = 350 crowns. Sai 200. Tasseled 300 crowns.

Abs Weapons : Should be cheap. With higher tier weapons, WSL's, Bronze Axes, Jaggeds being at a 150. Seeing as they are here for easy access but at a fair price for the seller.

Combo weapons : Should be more expensive than abs weapons and less than daggers and spears. 200-250 range.

Abs Eq :

Head: 125 Murgoz --- 50 Basic
Chest: 300 Murgoz --- 150 Basic --- 200 Gold
Arms: 75 Murgoz ---- 50 Basic --- 150 Gold
Hands: 75 Murgoz ---- 25 Basic
Legs: 75 Murgoz ---- 50 Basic --- 150 Gold
Feet: 75 Murgoz ---- 40 Basic --- 50 Gleaming

Total: 725 MURGOZ --- 365 BASIC --- 600 GOLD

Explanation :
Murgoz abs is sought after but shouldn't be worth more than a J cuff give or take.
Basic abs is basic and shouldn't be worth much sold or bought other than shiner.
Gold abs is for the combo pushing folk and should be sold at a higher price in general. Unless these get upped they aren't worth more.

Shields: 300 Onyx --- 150 Etched --- 50 Dull Black / (Remove Emblazoned)

Explanation :
Shields are essential to a parry setup. They are in demand because of that and should cost something relevant. 150 crowns is a mid range price for anything and cheap for something essential. 300 for the fancier folk who want to push the setup. (Like me. No offense to fancy people.)


Finger:-300 Gold ring--- 75 Ivy---------25 Silver/Emerald
Neck:---300 Obsidian--- 250 G-chain----100 Kandori---------50 Torc
Body:--1500 E-gown----- 250 Red robe---125 Mantle----------50 Tabard
Wrist:--750 J-cuff----- 150 K-cuff------75 SUNGWOOD--------50 Gator
Belt:---200 C-belt------ 50 Studded

Abs trinks : Cheap
Dodge trinks : Expensive
Parry trinks : Slightly more than Abs trinks except neckies.
Combo trinks : Expensive

Reduced J-cuffs because they are more of a novalty item than an actual boost vs Kandori's.
Reduced E-gown because they just aren't that rare to demand that price. 1500 I think is a happy middle for both the seller and the buyer.

Stole your design Taziar. Hope you don't mind.

Edit : Modified Red Robe to 250 from 200. It should be more expensive to buy profitable for the seller and convenient for the buyer.
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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Elysia » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:20 pm

Sungwoods load for free like 3 zones from Caem, so that shouldn't be on the broker.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Theid » Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:23 pm

I actually had to look up the stats on sungwoods and was surprised they were decent enough to justify the price. But if they are free! Then yeah, shouldn't be there. Like the emblazoned shield just isn't of a high enough quality item to be on the broker. 3 different shields is enough imo. There might be other things that could be removed but I didn't focus on that.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Tirric » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:32 pm

Don't think rares should be for sale tbh, would also argue for removal of gold abs, or make it steeper. Or maybe I don't know how the broker works and it is only players who put stuff up for sale that loads there? Ie someone who has a lot of cash won't be able to buy 20 egowns as people won't put 20 egowns up for sale probably.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Reyne » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:28 pm

Yeah people have to put stuff up for sale first - items aren't generated there. Can't buy 20 egowns if no one is selling 'em and it is rare to find any better gear up for sale there in the first place (partially because of low prices making it not worth to sell it). Don't think I've ever seen an egown for sale there, granted I don't check super frequently.

Really all it does is facilitate player trading and if anything acts as a gold sink since the brokers take a cut, too.

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Re: Lugard Brokers.

Postby Taziar » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:49 pm

Theid wrote:Stole your design Taziar. Hope you don't mind.

You know me better than most, always happy to help :D

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