weary coin - nuke it?

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Re: weary coin - nuke it?

Postby Lykan » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:44 am

If you cant afford it, dont do it. If you want to afford it, make sacrifices to do so - there are a multitude of relativity easy ways to accomplish this. Scarcity adds value to things, its the same here as in real life.

I get the argument that you only get enjoyment from PK, because I am (mostly) the same, but you can't honestly think game design choices should be catered to you simply because you only enjoy one aspect of the game. And even if you do nothing but PK, making cash is still very easy if you want to but you have to take the time to do it. Whenever I am low on cash and dont have time to farm it, I just sell eq after pk for cheap - its stupid easy and efficient to chat and sell stuff after pk especially if youve got 5 minutes to run south and sell to non-pkers. If your argument is that you die too much, well again I must point out that that is a YOU problem and it isnt the game's job to re-design itself around your playstyle and preferences.

Other idears:
- always grab the cash from packs etc looted - this is very rarely actually "split" or contested and just goes to whoever thinks of grabbing it
- incorporate gold runs into pk - I mastered a character almost exclusively off of farming gold spine and setting off flocks trying to get fades to come try and kill me - double bonus of extra eq to sell
- similar to above, figure out the decent gold loads around blight and use them as a way to start pk. dont just go smack scout, grab a flock and raven and go farm gold. youve got the same (or better - people tend to jump at pk when they think their opponent is unwary) chances of finding pk and you get to make gold in the process
- just ask people - for those with lots, it is nothing to toss a friend a few thousand gold to help them out

The options are really only limited to you.

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Re: weary coin - nuke it?

Postby isabel » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:26 pm

Fair enough and thank you for all the helpful suggestions - some of them I already do (like sneakily pocketing the coin I looted - unless someone notices and asks :lol: ) and others are great ideas as well.

I think I was feeling really tired/burnt out with the farming stuff past couple of weeks but it's true that it's a me problem! Think that is a time to take a break and come back with more enthusiasm for game stuff.

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