coming back

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coming back

Post by Callesa » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:13 pm

Hi everyone,

I've missed you. I plan to be around again, not sure for how many hours per week. I'll mostly focus on my main character, Callesa, but some of the changes are tempting me to put more to some others again nowadays. Let's hope my life gets a little bit calmer in just a few weeks, so that I can be here regularly. Wish me luck!

This is a roleplay story behind my absence. It should have 3 or 4 parts. Why? The library with barred windows, that's what life in medschool feels like to me. And I need something heroic in "my" life :-D It is also a part of a larger background story I've had in my brain for some time.

And last but not least: I use English a lot, sure. I write stuff every day. Nevertheless, not writing on WoTMUD has resulted in a slight atrophy of some parts of my skills. I hope to improve again. Until then, I am sorry about eventual mistakes and sounding a bit weird at times. I used to have a much better active vocabulary. :-D
I am looking forward to meeting you all regularly again. If I find a good client I can be on, I'll improve at pk hopefully (Mudlet confuses the hell out of me, I am perhaps stupid but I really cannot make any script work or find out how to add a map. and there are few other options for a mac. Perhaps I should buy Cmud and use it on my older windows laptop. It sounds like a plane taking off and could serve instead of a heating in the room, but it still works). But in any case, I'll be exploring and roleplaying a lot. If you see me in Tar Valon, it is very probable I have time and would love to interact, which is even more true for the Tower members. Just give me a few weeks to come up with some new AQPS quests.

Who knows, perhaps I'll even manage to crawl to rank 7 finally.
I think I started playing sometime in 2006. Both Callesa and I are much older now.

Are my friends still around here? Please, let me know.
I would also like to express how excited I am about the completely new vibe of this place. Imms making changes we had thought impossible, it looks like the mortal-imm communication is working much better these days, things like the wars and seanchan fc clan might pour a lot of new life into the less used parts of the mud. Thanks to the imms for keeping this wonderful place alive.

What I am excited about the most: The Seandar city and continent is back, it looks like even the IA regiments could be back (Back when I joined, I had dreamed of joining one of them, the removal had demotivate me a lot), damane/sul'dam (if they turn out right), the clan wars (perhaps my Illian Companion alt will have more to do now!), some new attitudes and pieces of the WT system (I am not gonna comment here, don't worry), an official eq list with stats (awesome!), and so on.

Callesa and her alts. Including the real life alt :-)

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Re: coming back

Post by Kerryk » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:19 pm

Welcome back, mail me on your Companion if you need clan forum access :)

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Re: coming back

Post by Astolfo » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:55 am

Welcome back!
May you have many happy times ahead!

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Re: coming back

Post by damena » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:06 am

Welcome back! I don't play Damena much anymore, but I'm around.

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Re: coming back

Post by nooro » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:47 am

You begin to weave the appropriate flows...

Dalgarno tries to pound *Callesa*, but she parries successfully.

Angkar tries to pierce *Callesa*, but she deflects the blow.

A fierce merlin leaves up.

*Callesa* panics, and attempts to flee!

You draw some energy from the stone in your hand.
Streaks of fire flow from your hands, burning *Callesa*.

* R HP:Wounded SP:Strong MV:Strong - Callesa: Critical >
Dalgarno tries to pound *Callesa*, but she deflects the blow.
A brown deer panics, and attempts to flee!
A brown deer leaves up.
Angkar pierces *Callesa*'s body very hard.
*Callesa* is dead! R.I.P.
You feel the Weave of the Wheel tighten around you.
You receive your share of experience...
Still better. Experience pays off.
Your blood freezes as you hear *Callesa*'s death cry.

* R HP:Wounded SP:Strong MV:Strong > 9

Welcome back!

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Re: coming back

Post by isabel » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:30 pm

(lol @ nooro :) )

welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaack! so good to see a familiar face. A lot of past mud stuff is a bit of a blur but you and I were corresponding in a different language at one point in order to practice :) I'm currently not around that much but would love to resume that. Hope you have fun and hope the you-know-what on wotmud doesn't get to you anytime soon :P

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Re: coming back

Post by Itesh » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:56 pm

Welcome back :D

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