Betrayal by Xin.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Saif » Thu May 17, 2018 12:50 pm

Before the merge there was a gentleman's agreement of truce between sushi and humans whenever DS showed, usually this would be kept until DS were dead or everyone was sure they were gone, ie not a single zone away, and a yell would be what resumed the Pk between SS/LS. People have been named and shamed for this before, going for charge/stab while the "truce" was still on. So the lesson is have an alias for k just in case or keep spam looking in room if you know he is around and if you see a hidden move a room.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby isabel » Thu May 17, 2018 1:01 pm

What happened to suggestions about giving SS a city up north? I think one workaround could be to keep north pk clear if SS have an unused/less-used area (like Kandori Keep or Lockshear for instance), which connects to their lands, but doesn't connect to their traditional LS enemies (Tower, RE, *oL, Civil Watch) except by their own south lands. Everywhere north then we would just fight as a united front, and anyone who same sided would face punishments from their clans. And SS could do IA stuff like have academies - work with players who want to learn pk etc (great PR :)). This would be LS/SS vs DS - can group etc and play as a side.

Further south, if SS were neutral to everyone else (other than RE, Civil Watch, Tower, and *oL +/- Andor), but there were large tracts where SS were not allowed to fight without permission from the local justice clan etc. So that you limit SW pk to specific zones - and if someone is smobbing plains mistress or whatever, they don't have to worry about Seanchan.

And lastly, the truce thing - and punishments for all clanneds (SS and LS) who violate truce, because it is dishonourable and unsoldierly and so on.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Octavio » Thu May 17, 2018 1:15 pm

There was a discussion earlier about the multiple ways Seanchan can get from Falme to North PK. I believe the end result was that it would be easy to get there and the distance was not an issue. That being said I do think it would be cool if there was a "capture the city" option up there, or just move outpost up there for Seanchan.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Xin » Thu May 17, 2018 6:45 pm

So basically you just don't want to die unless you start the fight?

For example you want to be able to smob/exp in complete safety? You want like little arena bubbles for PK to exist in while the rest of the world is peace rooms?

We are an invading army essentially. If you're clanned in an LS clan or are known to attack Seanchan then I will try to kill you. The only exception to this is the Borderguard who we have a treaty with. If you're unclanned and are not known to attack Seanchan or have a warrant I will politely ask you if you want to swear the Oaths first before trying to kill you.

I don't recall a lot of people yelling that truces were over. In fact before the change over LS killed me multiple times during DS PK because they knew there were no repercussions. Who would I complain to? I was the only Seanchan online and it was unlikely anyone would back me up or help. Certainly no one was going to help me smob or re-equip because there was no one online.

I remember on multiple occassions being stabbed mid DS PK by various clanned LS master stabbers who should know better while other LS just watched and being killed afk multiple times by various other LS who repeatedly deny everything because they blinded you but you can still see their name in the status bar. You could search for hours to find someone to kill only for them to either kill you afk or gank you in a door. Recently Fermin tried to stab me in the blight mid DS PK. Fermin also stabbed Chiko mid DS PK in front of a whole group of us. Do you really think anyone does anything about these people being cheap? No one cares at all for Seanchan and it seems like a reason to just sweep it all under the rug.

I just think its a bit rich to expect any kind of courteous when most of you take advantage of any opportunity yourselves. Honestly, this stab wasn't all that terrible because it had been a long while since we saw the DS and my assumption was they had left. I am also generally pretty nice about killing people as I think most of my victims have experienced if they were a good sport, I am a good sport back returning sets etc (controversial right now but its pretty rare for a Seanchan to get a return). I also return because I often don't actually need the equipment, it would only go in a barrel some where and delete. I also stabbed the Marath'damane and not some unclanned nobody which fits with Seanchan RP.

In my opinion though the game shouldn't be safe for anyone. If you're smobbing/exping you should be cautious of DS and others who might try kill you and its always been that way. One of the best things about smobbing is occasionally you kill someone trying to kill you and there's even more loot for everyone!

Where/who also don't provide any real advantage over just knowing who is online which saves you a whole lot of searching if no one is online. For example if the who list is all statters you know not to spend an hour looking for someone to kill. You also still have to track and find people. Once you're in the same zone its use also goes both ways, people can find you with a click of a button.

I really have no idea how being attacked by same side players is any different to cross race but the real problem is that people are viewing us as same siders. We are still essentially a separate race/group of people. People don't seem to get so butt hurt over *oL beating up Two Rivers, Andor and killing Tower people. Maybe they do though, I don't have a *oL so maybe I just don't hear much about it.

I am also not sure if anyone noticed but you get quest points for turning in people's heads. This game rewards people for killing others. It's a PK mud and you will die. If you want to win the game you better pick up a weapon and kill something. Kill or be killed!

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Enok » Thu May 17, 2018 7:09 pm

How about you just apologize for the misunderstanding and try and not to act like a douche next time instead?

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby ecthus » Thu May 17, 2018 7:49 pm

I'm not sure what the controversy is. Kill whoever you want, just don't be a weenie when there's consequences.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Ragyn » Thu May 17, 2018 7:51 pm

Aye I warranted you, we received information about the incident, you can appeal to the Blue Ajah if you want a pardon at some point.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Treach » Thu May 17, 2018 8:00 pm

Xin wrote:I just think its a bit rich to expect any kind of courteous when most of you take advantage of any opportunity yourselves.

I think you are just getting upset because you wont get as many free stabs in the future. As Isabel said, Ahri even told you she was running a locate but you didnt even care to find out the position of the DS. Instead you got greedy and went for the free stab.

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Re: Betrayal by Xin.

Postby Rig » Thu May 17, 2018 8:23 pm

You're all butthurt weenies.

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