A Yarble Slappin'

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Re: A Yarble Slappin'

Postby Razhak » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:41 am

It was nice to see everyone react so fast and come without any hesitation :)

I love my master weapon, it will sit most anything, and you see how fast Aurelius died with me and Loomis on him healthy to rip. Then it was basically just keeping the others in by keeping the doors closed. Rescuing Fong was the cherry on top.

I am still not sure what Orino was doing there with his mob?

Alasdair wrote: Seriously it's just more bonuses for DS again..

This I find the most amusing.. seeing as almost all new issues the past few years were additions to LS, and none to DS.

Only very recently a few things were added to DS (build patties, rank 8 bonusses, now the moblead).

Perhaps you dont know about all of this seeing you were away for almost a decade and just recently returned to the mud?

If one looks over the past decade I can only name one bonused character class which has not been downed: warders.

Fades were downed significantly over the years (loss of moblead, loss of group fade, loss of attack with blades, loss of fade range, loss of kneel-fade, loss of issuable gleaming greatswords, downing of fade shirts, adding extra qps to issuing fade shirts, etc, etc, etc).

So dont come at me with your angsty and derogatory comments, and just be glad I am not bringing my fully eqqed boar-headed or kno'mon trollocs to PK :D

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Re: A Yarble Slappin'

Postby Naomi » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:28 pm

Alasdair wrote:You argue like this game is hard to get qps. You argue like this game is hard to get qps as the most bonused character in the game. Gtfo kid lol. Seriously it's just more bonuses for DS again. I know they are doing a lot with the game but mobs aren't needed especially giving more bonus rewards to the again the most bonused character in the game. I got my rank 8 on a full unbonused character. Do I need to rank 9 a Ls for a mob ? Cool Let me know and I'll work on it.

Do we now consider postures, master damage, and old/new moblead at rank 7 no longer a bonus?

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