Zoot's getting stabbed log.

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Re: Zoot's getting stabbed log.

Postby Dimmu » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:34 am

isabel wrote:OKay, if you want to be really technical and accurate, then here:


I was saying as a general principle it's DS common enemy. I just find it ludicrous that DS players nitpick about LS grouping when there are no enforced repercussions for DS not defending blight when clearly not afk.

DS is not a RP side and repercussions for not defending the Blight are rare, solely due to the player mentality we have. You just seem argumentative just for the sake of an argument. Or possibly cranky because you're not getting the PK you think you deserve every time you head into the Blight. Try playing a trolloc vs multiple LS masters on daily basis and you might understand why some people would rather just AFK.

And seeing as Smob Wars 2, the race to Rank 8 is starting up soon, you'll probably wont see any DS at all. Except for Koresh or his alts, he just can' stop himself ;p

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Re: Zoot's getting stabbed log.

Postby isabel » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:41 am

nvm I get sucked into forum discussions again :p snicker

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