Remove all No Hide rooms!

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Remove all No Hide rooms!

Postby Fermin » Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:32 pm

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard > Under the Angel
Close to the monastery's wall, a tombstone shaped like an angel stands. Its
large wings provide some protection from the occasional rain trying to tear
at the inscription just below the angel's knees. The once fertile ground
around the grave has dried up completely. The burial site stretches over
westwards with some large tombstones to the south.
[ obvious exits: S W ]
A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby, being ridden by you.
A small grasshopper hops from place to place.

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard > ww
[where ]
Players in your Zone
Fermin - Under the Angel

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard > who
Vlorut of Arafel
Lord Rhys the Dai Shan [Red Eagle Blademaster]
Lady Aria the Sister [Yellow Ajah]
Seliner of the Borderlands
Vehtest of Two Rivers [Illian Companion]
Fyra the Wearied Novice [White Tower]
Francesco of Shienar
Lord Corath the Baron [Saldaean Cavalry Council]
Iteshtesttwo of Two Rivers
Lady Erulisse Avehelm, The Brown Recluse [Brown Ajah Sitter]
Katase of the Borderlands
Lord Adael the High Captain [Lion Warden]
Rhydtestmc of Murandy
Rhydiantest of Murandy
~ Rhydian the Legend of the Dark [Watchers]
Kieron of Kandor (Linkless)
Iteshtest of Ghealdan [Child of Light Council]
4 Fermin from Two Rivers

18 players displayed.

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard >
Corath narrates 'zone sted'

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard >
Rhys narrates 'ws tracking'

* R HP:Wounded MV:Haggard >
The night has begun.

o R HP:Wounded MV:Weary >
Adael narrates 'am 2s creepers'

o R HP:Wounded MV:Weary >
Suddenly *someone* places a dagger of green jade in your back!
You are dead! Sorry...
You feel the Weave of the Wheel loosen from you.
Ouch! You lose a level.
Circle of Light

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Re: Remove all No Hide rooms!

Postby Puddles » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:20 am

This counters that fermin has superpowers post very nicely

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