CMUD hanging - WhatIsHang report

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CMUD hanging - WhatIsHang report

Post by Sanguine » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:28 am

Have recently reformatted my computer, Win10. CMUD is installed on a SSD, but CMUD has been hanging quite often, it seems like especially during PK with lots of action. I haven't played extensively to see if it's doing it smobbing, running around, etc. I've ran it as Admin, I've put it in Win7 Compatibility mode, I've moved it out of my Program Files folder. I've disabled scripts (same scripts I used prior to reformat with no problem). Anyone used Nirsoft's WhatIsHang? I don't know where to look in this report, but didn't find anything with some Googling of the Strings found in the stack. Help is appreciated if anyone has any ideas.

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Re: CMUD hanging - WhatIsHang report

Post by Taziar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:21 am

Did you originally install into program files? Maybe install fresh to desktop or somewhere.

Did windows 10 direct you to update or enable DirectPlay when you try running cMUD? Something directX related... blah, blah, I dunno, Blah, I read and had to enable something, something legacy now...

Perhaps try XP or Vista compatibility mode.

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