Is WotMUD boring or am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Is WotMUD boring or am I doing something wrong?

Postby Arkan » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:27 pm

In a year or when you have a channie :-P

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Re: Is WotMUD boring or am I doing something wrong?

Postby Ryak » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:11 pm

As someone who took a few tries to get into wotmud, my best advice would be to find someone to help you level & show you the ropes. In my case there I sent a chat in the global chats (type listen all to join them) asking for some help exping (read to do it in a guide), and someone really helpful taught me the ropes and helped me exp off more interesting mobs. It was mostly just fun learning the ropes and interesting parts about the game from them. It was really fun just talking to the random people I grouped up with to exp and shooting the shit together - I can still remember some of them like Garen, Shanelle, and Alacard even though I haven't seen them around in years!

After I was level 25+ I found random people to smob with using the global chat channel. I found learning all about smobbing really fun for a couple of weeks. I also spent time exploring / levelling with people / farming gold when there wasn't much going on.

A little later on I gave PK a go and promptly got killed after our group lost a fight and I got lost fleeing. I PK'd a but more on LS, and then eventually switched to DS and PK'd a lot more! PK is pretty much what keeps me coming back to the game!

Thing you could find fun:
* Exp with strangers
* learn how to efficiently solo exp
* Learn efficient ways to level up & level up with other people
* Teach others the ropes and help them learn to play & lead exp
* Farm gold / items - find the mini-smobs that you can solo for useful basic equipment
* Smobbing
* Lead smobbing groups
* Exploring - there are lots of cool things to find in the mud. It's amazing how detailed the world is, and I'm sure that there there are *still* unexplored rooms in the mud if you search hard enough! I've certainly found plenty of rooms that aren't on any maps.
* Join PK
* Join a clan (can be a great way to learn the ropes)
* Level up a stabber and learn to solo smob
* Trying out different character builds & skills
* Learning to play channelers (not something I've ever done hah)
* Roleplaying - Join a RP based clan, or just roleplaying pretty much anything you want to. (again not my thing)
* Do the various newbie quests
* Exping (some people don't find it fun, I found the more efficient methods fun when I was a newbie; very bored of it now and the faster exp is one of the big reasons I ended up playing DS)
* Talk about how bad Equitant is on the forums

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