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Postby Orino » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:17 am

Did I miss something?

Mob instakilled by smobs now?

Ancient Chamber
[ obvious exits: N ]
A strange man is here, hiding in shadows.
A Domani razor has arrived from the north.
A Swordbrother has arrived from the north.

order swordbrother kill smob
* HP:Scratched MV:Full > kill smob
A Swordbrother tries to slice a cold-eyed man, but he parries successfully.

* HP:Scratched MV:Full > You slash a cold-eyed man's body very hard.

* HP:Scratched MV:Full - a Swordbrother: Wounded - a cold-eyed man: Scratched >
You slash a cold-eyed man's right leg into bloody fragments!
A cold-eyed man tickles a Swordbrother's right leg with his scythe.
A cold-eyed man scythes your left foot.
A Swordbrother tries to slice a cold-eyed man, but he parries successfully.

* HP:Scratched MV:Full - a Swordbrother: Wounded - a cold-eyed man: Scratched > close oakdoor
A Swordbrother is dead! R.I.P.
Your blood freezes as you hear a Swordbrother's death cry.
A Swordbrother stops following you.

* HP:Scratched MV:Full - a cold-eyed man: Scratched > Ancient Chamber
The chamber is very large and dark. The air is even worse here, than in the
tunnel outside, making breathing very uncomfortable. A crack outlines a
loose stone on the floor. A large oaken door blocks the way to the north,
thus barricading the only exit from this chamber.
[ obvious exits: N ]
The corpse of a Swordbrother is lying here.
|1|.Eyes keen, a Domani razor stands here swishing its tail
A strange man is here, hiding in shadows.

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Re: question

Postby Weir » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:37 am

This has been adjusted so that it should occur slightly more often.

In relation, an addition has been added which will cause a few random smobs every reboot to dislike master mobs and discourage their use.


-WoTmud Staff

The problem is, this is a far step over the top from just "discouraging use" and I feel like it has to be doing more damage than intended. Randomly deciding oh sorry, you picked the wrong smob and just straight lose QPs now is a little silly if this much damage is meant to be happening.

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Re: question

Postby Firimei Lang » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:21 am

Does seem a tad OTT for the ratio of players and so on. People take mobs sometimes to compensate for lack of another smobber or something.

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Re: question

Postby Orino » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:55 am

My motivation for hitting coldie, a soloable smob that many stabbers hit, was to get some abs parts and possibly a vial.

Now I left with nothing and ended up quitting this morning and doing something else.


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Re: question

Postby sevas » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:27 am

Weir is spot on, this is not only "discouraging use" of master mobs it is "discouraging play". I find it hard to "Enjoy" qp loss from trying to eq a newer player. IMO possibly one the worst changes recently.

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Re: question

Postby Firimei Lang » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:51 am

I find some changes great and others just ...well not entirely sure what happened there.
I am not Master yet and even I think this one is a bit off the ball.

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Re: question

Postby Landon » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:11 pm

Yeah, I hope the implementation of this is reconsidered at some point.

I usually smob to pass the time with friends and dump 90-95% of the equipment into community barrels. Of the 5-7 hours that I've smobbed in the past week, I've received maybe 1 qp. The majority of that was with a group of 5-7 PCs and leaving my master mob outside. The reward isn't enough incentive to smob to master or rank 8 and certainly isn't enough to cover losing a mob instantly. EDIT: Although I think it's a nice additional bonus to smobbing and helps, however slowly, people who aren't pkers work towards rank goals.

Adding faceoff to smobs like Ragnor or having bashing mobs like Byrn makes it harder to solo/duo smobs. The mobol to make mobs walk out at Disgraced DF (name? west blight) is another good option, although circumvent-able with the smob directly behind a door. There's already a large number of smobs where master mobs can't flee as well. There are plenty of options to encourage group smobbing without turning master mobs into glorified wagons.

I enjoy smobbing with groups, even though leading them can be a hassle, but with our numbers, it's not always possible. Today, I logged on and only Kendall was available to smob. In the past, we would have both gotten mobs and roamed around. Instead, I played Steam. It just wasn't worth the hassle and possible risks.

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Re: question

Postby Xylan » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:20 pm

Not gonna lie, I find this to be pretty rough and I'm usually one for holding my tongue on stuff that goes on here. :P

Many smob rooms already do not allow mobs to flee out so risk of qp loss was already innately there. I've stopped issuing clan trinkets as a personal preference in favor of having more qps to spend on mobs, mostly for smobbing or falling back to in PK. But now I don't even know.

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Re: question

Postby Paigey » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:22 pm

Wrote a long post. Took a phonecall during the post. Forum logged me out and it got eaten ;)

So I'll write a short (ha) one this time. I started smobbing because I couldn't PK (IRL/link constraints). I had a lot of fun and explored a lot of places I had never been. No matter how productive I was - I inevitably had some give almost everything away - even things I thought were valuable. Call me a poor negotiator, but most people who play are poor and dependent on others. I personally enjoyed fighting the notion that only darkside can be generous. During this time the "donate" mobol got put into place and there was a lot of talk about how we could help new players. No matter how many times I filled the Caemlyn barrel, it was always empty when I came back. I'm sure the Imms have their reasons and I'm sure they are good - I bet I could list a bunch if I had to play devil's advocate. I wondered initially if this was meant to target someone in particular - someone like me, or WVDing master warder pairs, or ..boring old Wall Guards. That said, we're all getting hit. I don't really feel like smobbing anymore which is a shame because when I sign on to 7 people and an empty Blight its really all that's left to do. In time I may accept a new normal. I've taken some lumps lately with many combo weapons being crippled and hitpoint loss, but I thought those were good for the game. We're not 30 days out yet (kerlocckkkk), but time will tell if this is a positive change.

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Re: question

Postby Elysia » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:52 am

Since it wasn't posted about by the imm in question, or if it was I didn't notice it. At any rate:

-it was never intended to be one-shotting mobs so,
-the damage was subsequently lowered by said imm

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