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Reroll Advice

Postby Etain » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:46 pm

I just got my 300 year rerolls, and I'm stuck. At first glance, they look pretty terrible, but I don't know. Current stats are 13 14 19 18 13, 77 statsum. Here's what I got:

# 1 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[18] Dex[14] Con[13] Hps[246] Move[125]
# 2 - Str[12] Int[17] Wil[17] Dex[14] Con[14] Hps[260] Move[121]
# 3 - Str[12] Int[13] Wil[18] Dex[18] Con[14] Hps[271] Move[123]
# 4 - Str[12] Int[14] Wil[19] Dex[16] Con[14] Hps[286] Move[126]
# 5 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[15] Dex[18] Con[11] Hps[196] Move[125]
# 6 - Str[15] Int[16] Wil[15] Dex[14] Con[14] Hps[276] Move[132]
# 7 - Str[12] Int[18] Wil[18] Dex[14] Con[12] Hps[237] Move[127]
# 8 - Str[13] Int[16] Wil[16] Dex[17] Con[13] Hps[254] Move[126]
# 9 - Str[12] Int[16] Wil[15] Dex[18] Con[13] Hps[246] Move[123]
#10 - Str[13] Int[14] Wil[15] Dex[18] Con[14] Hps[276] Move[127]
#11 - Str[12] Int[18] Wil[17] Dex[14] Con[14] Hps[280] Move[123]
#12 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[19] Dex[16] Con[14] Hps[286] Move[126]
#13 - Str[13] Int[14] Wil[19] Dex[16] Con[12] Hps[234] Move[125]
#14 - Str[13] Int[16] Wil[18] Dex[17] Con[10] Hps[179] Move[121]
#15 - Str[15] Int[13] Wil[18] Dex[17] Con[13] Hps[254] Move[127]
#16 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[16] Dex[15] Con[14] Hps[290] Move[125]
#17 - Str[12] Int[18] Wil[18] Dex[17] Con[11] Hps[220] Move[120]
#18 - Str[14] Int[18] Wil[19] Dex[14] Con[10] Hps[191] Move[125]
#19 - Str[14] Int[17] Wil[19] Dex[13] Con[11] Hps[186] Move[127]
#20 - Str[16] Int[18] Wil[19] Dex[14] Con[10] Hps[180] Move[124]

I'd like to avoid losing any Wil if I can, as well as maybe gaining a little Int, but it looks like it would only be possible to do one or the other. #12 looks like the best possibility to me, but the 16 Dex worries me a little. Any suggestions/advice?

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Re: Reroll Advice

Postby Maegon » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:56 pm

I would take the statsum increase of 12. I was 14 17 19 16 14 after my 300 rerolls and was still able to pk in combo.

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Re: Reroll Advice

Postby Paigey » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:07 pm

Agree. The reroll game essentially requires that you try to make small incremental improvements while still hopefully getting to choose playable stats. 18 dex is nice and hard to give up, but I think you may be pleasantly surprised by what it is like to have 16 STR. You'll move up into a more favorable tree on warrior practices which will save you some practices there. I don't think there's really a difference in the 15-16% thief practice tree (see wotmud wiki: Practice Percentage Rate). And you'll keep 19 wil which is awesome. Strongly suspect you just increased your hps too.

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Re: Reroll Advice

Postby Etain » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:08 pm

Thanks for the advice. I did go with #12, and yes, the HP increase is quite significant. :D

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Re: Reroll Advice

Postby Brocas » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:41 pm

Woohoo! You got upgraded! See you Monday!

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Re: Reroll Advice

Postby Naerin » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:25 pm

Woooooo! :)

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