Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Adael » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:35 pm

Two updates to the files in the dropbox:

Adael wrote:I spent a bit of time the last couple days working on something for the mapper that I've wanted to do for awhile, but hadn't gotten around to yet.


For anyone who ends up using these, the variable "wotmudmapper.currentID" is no longer a number, but a list, that could be empty, of length 1, or longer. Use that as you will :)

As of now, this seems to work as intended. I'll probably rewrite some stuff and make it cleaner soon, but lmk if you think anything unintentional is happening.
This newer version of the mapper is working as intended. I have deleted the old mapper triggers/scripts/aliases, and promoted what were labeled as TEST ones to actual. These are now the default ones I will mess with/fix/inform you about if asked :P

I also added triggers/scripts/aliases for a tic timer. It appears to be working semi-decently, I don't typically use one myself but others do I know and would like one. It needs to fire off of a trigger once to calibrate and start, which could be (most) anything that normally designates a tic has happened (ie loss of fleelag, sunrise, sunset, etc. The list in the triggers may not be comprehensive however, and I will gladly add anything that might be missing).
Once it has something to kick-start it, the timer should send you a message ~7 seconds before every tic. It gradually updates the average tic length the longer you're logged on, so it may be a second or two off at the start.

You can toggle it on/off with "tictimer" (if you turn it back on, it will need something to calibrate the start of a tic with just like when you first log in), or if it appears to be off you can try to "resettictimer" to fix it (again needing a tic marker to recalibrate the start).

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Adael » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:44 pm

Fixed a small error with the mapper where it didn't treat being blind the same as being in the dark like it should. Also slightly cleaned up some of the writing of things.

Also adjusted the tic timer to save the tic time when you close mudlet, and load it again when you open mudlet. This way once it has a start-of-tic notification to go off of, it can (hopefully) be slightly more accurate at the start.

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Adael » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:46 pm

Adael wrote:Essentially, all that's missing is the area around Keep/n of Keep/up n and w to Dark Road, Maze, and actually inside the DS cities TKD/Keep/SH/Dark Fortress/KK/H'Krreth, as well as Seandar/Falme on the SS end.

I'll get around to making alts on other sides eventually to do those :P
DSers can rejoice, I updated the map with (so long as I'm not mistaken and missed something) all of the DS cities as well as the areas around Keep, up n to Dark Road, and Maze that were missing.

Now essentially all that should be missing are any SS related places (Seandar and Falme).

Additionally, updated some of the triggers and stuff to slightly change how the mapper deals with flees and correcting when it lands in rooms with possibly hidden doors. Nothing too major, just small things that bugged me.


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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Ahri » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:42 am

Hi I'm failing to get the map to load

Could you just quickly let me know exactly what needs to be installed?

installed the mapper script and the selected the map via settings.

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Adael » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:49 am

I’ll approximately copy/paste this from another thread, as Katherine worded it better than I would’ve :)

Katherine wrote:To get started, here's the high level overview of the process:

1. download the .dat file from the link

2. go to mudlet preferences -> mapper and import the map DAT file (load another map file from:)

3. download the xml scripts, triggers, and aliases

4. import them as a package, this will add scripts, aliases and triggers to your mudlet profile. The scripts should automatically execute which will cause a map window to appear over the main window.

I do them in this order mainly because step 3 will automatically open the map window in mudlet and I like to have map data available when that happens. Just personal preference. Its probably ok to do 3, 4, 1, 2 in that order if you like.

Steps 3 and 4 are analogous to z/cmuds map calibration wizard. It sets up mudlet to track the player as the player moves between rooms. This is different for every mud, thus there are distinct steps for doing this in mudlet.

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Taziar » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:22 pm

Could keep an archive of all this information over on Archives... *wink*


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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Adael » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:18 pm

Updated the triggers for the tic timer a bit to include a few missing ones I came across.

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Ahri » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:57 pm

Turns out I was just trying to use an older version of mudlet

New version worked perfectly!

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Ahri » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:05 pm

Hey Adael!

Can there be a command in the tick timer to set the length?

At the moment my character is hungry and looking at the last 5 tics,
7 seconds warning was 4 seconds before tic
7 seconds warning was 7.5 seconds before tic
7 seconds warning was 5 seconds before tic
7 seconds warning was 6 seconds before tic
10 seconds before
7 seconds before
7 seconds before

Hrmm and i reset client and it didnt turn back on

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Re: Dump of mudlet related things for y'all

Postby Jomin » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:00 am

@Adael Back when I was using TinTin++ {and that is several years ago now ;) } I used to initialise my tic timer {modelled on a phase-locked-loop if that means anything to anyone} by sending "time" on session start and noting if the response was the same as the previous one - if it wasn't then waiting a second (so as not to spam the Server TOO much) and then sending "time" again - if it was different then a tick had just happened (and then the system would fall back to waiting for ten seconds less that the expected tick interval {to avoid quarter/half tic strings} before watching for another tic string)...

I guess it would be possible to design something similar for Mudlet, but I have never sat down and tried to code such stuff.
The lua-fu is not strong in this one...!

Given that there is a hard-coded limit of 50 trigger items per trigger I suspect that you will need several to contain all the tic trigger phrases - I do have a list of some - these use TinTin++ wildcards so will need tweaking for Mudlet - and they are around five years old so I do not know it they are still current:

Code: Select all

%* disappears into the void.
A %* begins to dim a little.
A %* has gone out!
A %* is about to go out!
A %* is definitely fading.
A ball of red light rises slowly from the edge of the grassland, bringing light to the savannah.
A bright orange sun rises above the morning fog.
A brilliant light spreads across the grassland.
A chill breeze cuts through you as the sun sinks below the hills.
A deep orange sunset heralds the end of the day.
A dismal light is cast across Shayol Ghul with the rising of the sun.
A dismal light is cast with the rising of the sun.
A feeble light casts shadows across the ruined landscape.
A gloomy light is cast across the twisted landscape.
A glowing portal fades from existence.
A harsh light emerges as the sun rises.
A light, airy blue through the trees heralds the sunrise.
A rainbow of colors springs to life above the hills.
A red sun rises in the east, coloring the forest in shades of red and gold.
A salty breeze blows north from the Sea of Storms.
A shadow is cast over the land as the sun vanishes beyond Garen's Wall.
A sickly reddish glow spreads over the world as the sun returns.
A warm glow bathes the Illian road in a bright light.
A warm glow is cast by the rising sun.
A yellow glow from above descends beneath black spires.
An eerie howl breaks the silence as the sun slowly sets below the horizon.
An orange glow covers the grassland as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.
An orange hue paints the sky as the setting sun glints of the Aryth Ocean.
As a glorious ball of brightly minted gold, the sun rises in the east.
As if by a painter's brush, the sun sets in a sky of violet, red, and blue.
As the night falls the cool of night refreshes the land.
As the sky burns in shades of fuchsia and gold the sun sets in the west.
As the sun %*.
As you watch %* seems to melt into the background, vanishing.
Birds chirp merrily as the sun rises in the east.
Black peaks create looming shadows as the sun drops beneath the horizon.
Colorful birds chirp happily as the sun rises out of the eastern seas.
Dank shadows shroud the trees, the sun dipping beneath the horizon.
Dapples of sunlight fall onto the forest floor.
Darkness %*.
Dawn breaks, painting the sky with pink and amber hues.
Day breaks over the hills.
Daylight breaches the foliage overhead.
Dew settles on the grasslands as darkness descends.
Dew settles on the ground as the sun sets west of the mountains.
Dusk approaches, bringing glorious darkness upon the land.
Ebbing red and gold, the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.
Everything becomes a little darker.
Gnarled trees cast jagged shadows as the sun drops beneath the horizon.
Golden rays of %*.
Heatwaves shimmer as the blistering sun arcs into the sky.
In the west, the setting sun shows the dark silhouette of the Mountains of Mist.
Light breaks over the horizon through waves of heat as a new day begins.
Light fades as the red evening sun slowly drops below the horizon.
Lightning starts to show in the sky.
Long shadows are cast throughout the forest as the sun slowly sets.
Long shadows rise along the hills as the sun sets.
Low deep bronze tones fill the air as a wind blows from the north.
Morning dew glitters in the days first sunrays.
Mountain peaks hide the sun as it sets in the west.
Night falls over the ruined city, casting eerie shadows.
Radiant hues permeate the horizon as the sun sinks in the west.
Rays of light spread over the grasslands, stirring animals to life.
Ruddy amber hues streak across the vanishing horizon as night falls.
Scarlet and gold paint the sky as the sun setin the west.
Shadows %*.
Soft rays of morning sun peak from behind the rolling hills.
Sparkling light draws a track toward the eastern horizon, heralding the sunrise.
The Dark One releases the sun to illuminate his minions.
The Dark One's hand covers the sun.
The Wheel of Time %*
The White Tower is bathed in a reddish orange light as the sun sets.
The White Tower's spire gleams softly in the first light of a new day.
The air catches a chill as the sun falls below the horizon.
The blazing hot sun sinks beneath the horizon of the Waste.
The blazing sun fades into greyness behind the towers.
The blazing sun rises over the eastern horizon.
The blistering sun scorches the parched ground.
The blistering wind gusts with the first rays of dawn over the mountains.
The blood red sun disappears behind the mountains.
The blush of a new dawn replaces the darkness.
The blustery plains are lit up with the sunrise.
The boiling red sun slowly rises over the blighted lands.
The burning sun rises above the mountains to the east.
The burnished disk of the sun settles behind the spires of Tar Valon.
The clouds disappear.
The clouds in the east burn pink and violet with the rising of the sun.
The corpse of %* has decayed into a pile of dust.
The darkness turns to a bright haze as the sun breaks the horizon to the east.
The darkness {comes|leaves}.
The day breaks, and sunlight starts to stream down onto the jungle floor.
The desert air begins to cool with the setting of the sun.
The dull red sun becomes visible over the high peaks.
The dust of the plains in the air turns golden with the falling hush of dusk.
The evening sun sinks behind the horizon.
The faint rosy hue finally fades away as the sun dips below the horizon.
The fiery colors of dawn settle into the forest with the rising sun.
The first light of %*.
The first rays of dawn appear in the east.
The first rays of sun shine on the broken gorge.
The forest comes to life with %*.
The glorious darkness is broken by the rising of the sun.
The glow of the morning sun filters through the cracks of Garen's Wall.
The golden rays of dawn slowly appear over the palace walls.
The golden sun breaches the horizon, burnished rays burning away the night.
The golden sun sinks down behind the rugged hills.
The hills are awash in shadows as the sun sinks in the west.
The hot sun rises above the hard, cracked ground.
The last rays of light begin to fade into blackness.
The last rays of light burn red against the foothills.
The last rays of the red sun disappear below the sea of green grass to the west.
The last ships sail from the harbor as the sun dips below the Calpene Peninsula.
The light becomes a little brighter
The lilac blue of dawn begins to grace the sky from the east.
The night chases the sun over the edge of the world.
The nocturnal sounds of the forest begin to rise as the sun sets in the west.
The orange disk of the sun sinks below the grassy horizon.
The orange glow of the sun decends below the horizon.
The orange sun slowly rises from the Sea of Storms.
The piercing rays of dawn peek above the eastern horizon.
The piercing rays of the sun streak across the morning sky.
The pink hues of dusk slowly descend over the palace towers.
The plains are covered in a harsh red light as the sun sinks below the horizon.
The plains grow dark and lonely with the day's end.
The rising sun casts both warm light and long shadows across the mountains.
The rising sun colors the Westwood red and gold.
The setting sun %*.
The shadows lengthen as the sun sinks beyond the horizon.
The sinking sun dips below the moss covered tree limbs.
The sky %*.
The sound of roosters crowing greets the rising sun.
The symphony of bird song fills the air as the sun filters through the trees.
The tall towers above you shimmer brightly in the light of the rising sun.
The warmth of the morning sun heats the air.
The world is submerged into coolness as the sun sinks into the horizon.
The {sun |sunlight |sun's }%*.
Thin rays of sunlight pierce the sky over the marshes.
Unseen watchers howl as the sun hides behind the horizon.
Violet hues light the snow-capped peaks to the west as the sun dips below them.
Vivid colors flood the sky as the sun sets over the hills.
You feel less sure of yourself.
You feel parched from the hot weather.
You feel your extra strength fading.
You have been idle, and are pulled into a void.
You move slightly, settling your cloak into position.
You smell %* fish in the distance.  %*!
Your ears seem to be all cleared up.
Your extra burst of stamina fades.
Your eyes feel less protected.
Your heartbeat calms down more as you feel less panicked.
Shadows thicken as the sun sets behind the mountains.
The jarring call of a redwing salutes the rising sun.

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