Want to learn PK or about clans?

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Want to learn PK or about clans?

Postby Yasmin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:26 pm

Hey! Are you a new player or been around a while but still feeling like a newbie?

Did you know you can join the Defenders of the Stone and we will help you develop your knowledge, skills and PK abilities?

Joining is really easy and it will give you all the perks of being in a clan and the opportunity to learn about how clans work. We are really keen to get some fresh new blood into the Defenders of the Stone so if you have any questions or want to apply please send me a forum mail.

The Defenders of the Stone are also a PK focused clan and you will be expected to at a minimum defend Tear. We also have a quite few enemies so it is highly likely you will have to do this at some point. The upside to this though is it gives you a great opportunity to practice and develop your skills.

Experienced players are always welcome to apply, but I figured I would also put this up here to attract a few new people and those looking to learn.

We accept all classes except channelers.

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Re: Want to learn PK or about clans?

Postby isabel » Fri May 04, 2018 12:48 am

Hey Yasmin,

Just posting here since others might be interested too. I ran into a couple of newer players recently, all wanting to learn about the game (and pk). I realised while explaining stuff - and also during pk - that since I've come back have become pretty rusty/bad. I'd be interested in doing something like a revision/newbie-learning thing if you are. Happy to herd people to Defenders if they are interested, but would you be up for doing an LS-side learning something? What I have in mind is like the stuff Markus used to do with Charging Boars - though of course in whatever way that suits the players involved. Santino was also very good at this teaching stuff.

If you and others are interested, we could try to do something once a week maybe - and also have something flagged in title so that if 2/3 of us are on we could impromptu work on stuff.

Let me know what you think!

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