Individual stats explained

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Individual stats explained

Postby Magdan » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:11 am

Was thinking we should compile an explanation of each individual stats. Aka what does Str, Int, Will, Dex, Con do individually? What are they important for for each class/setups etc?

But my question here is for Con. If you get 18 con that has 19 con hps.. is there any benefits to having 19 con? Do you get better regain or anything? Is there any benefits?

Edit: always forget about wiki shoulda checked that :p
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Re: Individual stats explained {sticky?}

Postby Treach » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:17 am

The wiki and also the client on ( are such good resources for newer players. I am really looking forward to an updated wotmud website so that these great resources can be shown.

For Con, clicking on the hitpoints page also shows the regen stats.

Also if you have information that isn't on those pages you can edit them and contribute.

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Re: Individual stats explained {sticky?}

Postby Magdan » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:49 am

Should of known wiki would have everything you need lol. There could be a few things added I'm sure yet of course. I also would like to see a better website to show things like this. Wiki should be well displayed for new players as a resource here.

Something for Str that I heard is that it's more important than say dex for 2h defensive weapons. Likewise dexterity is more important for 1h weapons. Just a tidbit that could be added if true. Things like that would be great additions. Like certain playstyles could be noted. If your more offensive perhaps choose str/con. More defensive will/dex/con? Stuff of the nature.

Wiki is a great resource, and just wondering if theres any other small inputs. That maybe people have found to be added to each stat. Like what you'd want as an ideal stats for each playstyle.

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Re: Individual stats explained

Postby Thuvia » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:48 pm

If you're curious about some in-depth info on how Str, Dex, and Con impact your displayed stats (and your 1h/2h weapon comments, for instance), the following link may be of interest. ... f=4&t=2347

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