Auto Name Highlighter for mudlet

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Auto Name Highlighter for mudlet

Postby Chuker » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:58 pm

Hey guys I have been working on a trigger that highlights player names automatically based off the who list. It saves clanned player names and has a specific color for each clan. Unclanned or incog players are still highlighted but their triggers are lost when you close mudlet. Every time you look at the who list it should update. If a player that is already had a trigger saved goes incog it should still highlight the clanned color.

I have tested it quite a bit and it seems to work for me the way I intended but let me know if there are problems.

I am pretty new to coding and stuff so if you see some way to clean this up and make it work better let me know.

There are a couple issues I know of
1. If a player leaves a clan or changes clans you will have to move their trigger manually.
2. When new clanned player triggers are created it kinda freezes the whole trigger tab you can change code but it doesn't save. The workaround is just close the triggers window and open it again and it should work fine again. I think this a mudlet bug with creating permanent triggers.

Forgot to mention it only highlights player names in situations I thought highlight was important. When a player leaves the room or enters the room and when you look in a room. Chat's Say's and tells don't highlight.

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