Backstab Damage Information

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Re: Backstab Damage Information

Postby zygoat » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:54 am

For those wishing to stab with hunters, might I request stab information for javelins as well please? I'd add it myself but I've no knowledge of how to acquire these statistics.

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Re: Backstab Damage Information

Postby Anor » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:07 am ... sp=sharing

That sheet has the damage ranges for stabbing with all weapons. Might be slightly out in regards to the theory change on master bonus but still quite close.

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Re: Backstab Damage Information

Postby Angkar » Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:10 pm

Finally got round to updating this with 2d75 as the master stab bonus. It follows that this is the extra damage based on all similar bonuses.

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Re: Backstab Damage Information

Postby Rodger » Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:14 am

Think we were all quite wrong on the backstab damage calc:

From the posted calculations from Stark:

1) roll weapon damage
2) if weapon has level 1 or level 2 ward, add a 2d4 roll
3) if master, fade or dreadlord, add a 2d5 roll
4) select a random value between 10x and 15x the damage roll

At one point I tried to make a table to show the damages, but can't find it just now...
Basically if you roll say 30 damage that would be random value between 300 - 450

Makes sense to me because have seen quite a few non kill stabs on FC/MC and the chance with how we were calculating would be extremely low.

Would be curious if anyone has a nice way to model this, I tried anydice with:
output (3d7 + 2d4 + 2d5)*10
output (3d7 + 2d4 + 2d5)*15

Which gives the lower curve and upper curve? Doesn't seem very helpful when you are trying to find the % chance to do 400 damage...

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Re: Backstab Damage Information

Postby Reyne » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:46 pm

Not sure if AnyDice can do it but ideally something like:

(3d7 + 2d4 + 2d5) x interval [10,15]



output (3d7 +2d4 +2d5)*(1d6+9) ?

1d6 + 9 gets you a number between 10 and 15 at even odds for any of them.

Looking at the "at least" export data on anydice it looks like around 6% chance to do 400+ damage with 3d7 weapon. Sai at 6d3 has about a 3.26% chance at 400+. Triple bladed dagger at 8d3 has 18% chance.

Comparing red stone (7d3) and clear curved (3d7), looks like red stone has a little bit higher stab damage on average - Red Stone has a mean of 312 and CC has a mean of 287. Red Stone has about 9% chance to do 400+, CC has 5% to do 400+; although CC has about 9% chance to do 380+. If you're stabbing channies, RS has 68.6% chance to do 280+ damage vs CC with 52.7% chance to do 280+ damage. Not a negligible difference there.

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