Extreme newb makeover WoTMUD edition.

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Extreme newb makeover WoTMUD edition.

Postby francesca » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:08 pm


Saturday I am going to do my best to get at least 3 viewers on my Twitch channel that don't actually play the game to try to start the new year off with some new players. I have some info on my twitter page, but the gist is that I'm going to raffle off four solid FC's and donate a few trolloc warriors to any newb that wants to participate in the stream. I will be primarily on DS, with narrates off of course, to avoid any unfavorable encounters. If you have a twitter account and one or two followers who might be interested give me a retweet or two @wotmudu and my Twitch channel is Wotmudu as well.

I know a text based game doesnt look very sexy, but with all the hype around the show coming out I think we have a chance to capitalize on bringing in some fresh blood. If anyone would like to help out on Saturday dragging a newb or two around (I'll be happy if we can convince like 2 people to join the game) that would be swell.

Happy New Years!

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