An Ornate Sign

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An Ornate Sign

Postby Fermin » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:16 pm

The paper is of the finest quality and the writing is clearly of a very pompous scribe:

"Here are some overpriced items for the consideration of the wealthy:

A jeweled wristcuff - 3,500 crowns
A silver medallion - 10,000 crowns
An obsidian pendant - 850 crowns
A gold ring - 500 crowns

SOLD A heron greatsword - 12,500 crowns
SOLD a pair of moonstone hilted dirks - 20,000 crowns
SOLD A wicked knife-bladed axe - 15,000 crowns
SOLD A heron engraved scabbard - 5,000 crowns

Please send a courier if you wish to purchase, 20% down will hold any item for up to 3 months"

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