A grizzled officer seeking spears

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A grizzled officer seeking spears

Postby Canton » Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:24 pm

A man wearing impecible Rising Sun uniform is browsing the bazaar. He strides confidently, occasionally stopping to speak with traders. You notice the shaking of heads, indicating that others traders are unable to supply him with what he needs. From the man, nothing is given away unless intended.

He approaches your stall, glances around and then leans in to discuss his needs.

'Greetings trader. I have recently reached a milestone, and wish to celebrate my 60th birthday with a new weapon. I wish to continue my service to House Riatin, but by returning to my roots.' He pauses briefly, and thrn continues. 'As a young Sun Guard I used to race the other recruits to the Beaten Anvil, hoping to purchase a large steel spear. Sadly, Stahling only crafted one per day and I often missed out. However, in all my years I have yet to tire of fighting from horseback with spears. Despite this sword at my side, it is what I enjoy the most. I am looking for the highest quality spears, one handed or two handed. No large steel ones though, I am too old for one of those. The best quality only.'

'In return for great spears, I can offer the following.'

A warmaul
Jewelled wristcuffs
A cuendillar belt
A bronze headed axe
A yew staff
An obsidian pendant
A redstone dagger
Blackened steel krises

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