Spears aren't for me anymore...

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Spears aren't for me anymore...

Postby Orino » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:51 am

A dying Lord of the west considers the old, rusty weapons in his stores. In his youth, he would charge into every battle. In the latter days, charging straight into battle seems a bit reckless.

"I wonder what I shall do with all these spears made by the Katar Weaponsmith?" says the dying Lord. He continues, "Why did that damned fool make so many dark blue tassled spears?" Orino spits on the floor. "He had all the ingredients, gold goblets, gleaming rocks, hooked spears, light javelins...yet fashions those damn Seanchan spears."

"Now where can I get a Dark Oak Javelin?" Orino considers how it would even match his blued-steel armor...


Trading bts (more than 7 available, some honed, some h/h, etc) Also, trading Gold spears. I have other things for trade as well.

I am looking for 2h stabby weapons, preference: Dark Oak Javelins. I know they sell in Cairhien, but dammit, someone keeps spamming it at reboot. It should load on more smobs, those Illian Brigands demand an ear for passage, the heathens.

Lord Orino, Dying Lord of the Far West

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