Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

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Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by jasmin » Fri May 18, 2018 5:46 am

Many of those who battle the dark suffer without sufficient armament - I would like to facilitate purchase or trade for weapons of war.

A newly painted sign hangs near the crossing in Fal Dara reading Weapons Emporium.

A lanky child sits on a low wall and upon seeing your interest grabs a note of paper and hands it to you, eventually you notice that her palm is outstretched - perhaps awaiting a copper?

There are many heavy abs weapons currently out of circulation, and other weapons of legend.
If you have any of the below please mail your best offer of items in return for a single item for trade.

Items being searched for;
A yew staff
A colossal sword with an iron pommel
A heron-marked greatsword
A massive war maul
A shocklance

Items for trade;
Jeweled wristcuffs
Silver Medallions
Dragon belts
Polished onyx-inlaid shields
Obsids and clan equivilents
Gold Rings and clan equivilents
Axes; titanic, dark grim, bronze, and wickedly
Dodge, combo or abs basics.

In respect to value;
I'm trying to think of a reasonable system so that people can start getting an idea of values of items again - its hard because everything is subjective.
Someone who does a money run daily and has 40k+ gold has a different feeling about liquidity to someone who is broke on every single alt and as soon as they get cash had to spend it on wards, mending, horses, etc. Items that are super easy to smob (it's possible to smob -5-10 cswords and yews in a day) should be differentiated from items that don't load anymore (dragon belts).
Likewise someone who only plays defensive alts may not value a war maul but may very much want an onyx shield.

Generally speaking..let put put some generic items in here for comparison sake. I'm not saying I have these items to trade - I'm suggesting a system of scales where we don't have people offering 500gc for a silver medallion without knowing its worth more.

1 kcuff = 100gc or red robe
2 kcuffs = 1 obsid or cbelt
3 kcuffs = 1 gold ring
10 kuffs = 1 jcuff
2 jcuffs = 1 heron scabbard
4 jcuffs = 1 onyx shield
6 jcuffs = 1 tainted maul, silver med or surcoat
2 onyx = 1 massive maul or heron great or pair of axes.
4 onyx = 1 wicked axe or POG or DT lance or DST
6 onyx = shocklance or dirks or warhammer
10 onyx = 1 dbelt or black lace shirt or triple bladed or sinister trident
12 onyx = 1 heron
Weapons equivilents..
Dark Grim, Bronze Axe, Mallet, WSL, BT spear, Yew Staff, Etched, all daggers = 150gc each. 250gc if HH
Titanic Axe, Csword, Gold Spear, bone club = 250gc each, 350gc if HH

So if we were working equivilents - 4 cswords might be worth a jcuff to the right buyer. This can actually be seen as a negative trade since jcuff loads (for those who aren't good at farming them) are rather rare - but those who want a csword may not need dodge. Likewise this would put a dbelt at a cash equivilent of 40k gc or three perfect sets (without dbelts)..retrospectively thats probably worth far more than a dbelt to anyone who doesn't prioritise dodge above anyting else.

I've deliberately not included a few weapons like steel shafted lances which can be purchased in stores.

Discussion welcome. Offers welcome. Its been... I don't know this should be a friendly trade hub and instead all we have is people not knowing the value of equipment, and no posts or offers showing what equipment is worth.
I really liked a couple of the auction posts that went up recently.

*** I get that I may be overvaluing jcuffs relative to kcuffs at this time. However I'd like to inlude the above as a starting point. I may also be undervaluing silver meds and onyxes and surcoats. I think I've potentially also overvalued heron greats.

Please keep it civil.

Personally I am currently looking yews and cswords and have a silver med to trade.

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Fermin » Fri May 18, 2018 8:50 am

Jcuff is +1 parry over kcuff
Onyx shield is +1 dodge over silver etched
Surcoat is +3 dodge over red robe

They just aren’t that much better so I don’t think anyone is going to be trading rare weapons for them...

That issue combined with the fact that some people love to store dung instead of use it means we have no economy - I have no idea what if any changes could be made

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Shiva » Fri May 18, 2018 9:03 am

I think people need to come to the understanding that if you want to purchase items of high value from other players then you will generally have to come out at a loss. That's price of buying things.

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Mckale » Fri May 18, 2018 10:54 am

Dbelt is also now only 1 db over cbelt (:

The recent changes to eq aren't helping you out in terms of worth.

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by jasmin » Fri May 18, 2018 10:56 am

Aye but without a baseline for this value it’s still a struggle.

These are my attempt at equivalent values - feel free to consider it as the cash equivalent instead.

Ie it doesn’t matter how many kcuffs you offer me I won’t trade a heron for it - but this is for an idea of relative value

And yes sure - I’m looking for cswords, I’m going to be open to negotiation, but I’m not going to give a heron for 2-3 cswords

Depending on play style people do try to get high def items and these are what I know better and have used as an example.

Aye I agree about the dbelt downing - given how few are in play, is frustrating. Or give them 4-5 pb or something:

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by jasmin » Fri May 18, 2018 10:57 am

And I’ve had many experiences of trades where both characters came out happy

And a lot that didn’t go through because the other character wanted completely unrealistic values, although I’ve been guilty of the same

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Vilac » Fri May 18, 2018 11:51 pm

There is no real concept of value in this game because the value lies within both parties conducting the exchange. What is valuable to you, may not be as valuable to me. I may find more value in weapons, while you may find more value trinkets. What you deem hard to acquire, I may find easy to acquire. What you may gain off a smob that takes lots of times(time) and hits, I may kill and take from you in seconds. The rate at which you acquire eq of value to yourself and others will be different than the rate I may acquire them. Some people like to utilize the "rare" factor of items, while others just break down the stats and benefit from it. Looking at how you value eq, I can honestly say I would never trade with you(come to terms on a trade) and I would highly recommend others to do the same. You overprice and overvalue everything. I have a very basic principal for trades and streamline it across the board. I can also say I very rarely do trades and sometimes when I do, I just over donate because its a friend who could use the eq.
My Value is this.
1st Defensive/Offensive Weapons : Rare for Rare

2nd Tier Rare Weapons: Rare for Rare

3rd Tier Weapons: Weapon for Weapon
Gsword/Eaxe/Csword/Bronze axe/ ETC

Top Tier Rare Trinket: Rare for Rare
Silv med/Surcoat/Jcuff/Onyx shield/........ And with the recent change would throw in possible heron scabbard/dbelt since the value of its DB was nerfed

2nd Tier Trinkets: Trinket for Trinket
Gring/Obsidian/Gold Chain/Red Robe/Cbelt/Kcuff etc

And I am leaving a bunch of stuff out, but this is just a basic outlook. Good luck with your trades.

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Aishana » Sat May 19, 2018 1:56 am

What vilac said. Except jcuffs are trash tier rares and aren't worth anything more than a couple grings or sids. And rare weapons are worth several rare trinks.

Ultimately though it's not objective...we aren't talking value of an American dollar vs the euro here. Value of items is entirely subjective to the parties trading them.

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Taziar » Sat May 19, 2018 5:52 am

In regards to gold crowns value the Lugard broker's current list of items for sale sets the standard. I think the prices there could be adjusted to reflect the market a bit, but I find that most seem reasonable, with maybe the exception of some of the lower tier items. Not all the top end basic class weapons get put up for sale, but quite a few are. Here is the current list as of tonight for an example:

Edit- I didn't pull prices for everything, will do that soon and make a chart on the wiki to be able to have as a reference.


Code: Select all

In stock: ivorygold longsword
In stock: brasshilted longsword
In stock: wickedlyscythed longsword
In stock: jagged warsword
In stock: palesteel longsword
In stock: twisted scimitar
In stock: bonehandled blade
In stock: amberhilted ironsword
In stock: silverplated sword
In stock: razored falcata
In stock: steel scimitar
In stock: ruby rapier
In stock: opal tulwar
In stock: emerald foil
In stock: steel kris
In stock: redstone dagger
In stock: steel sai
In stock: darkgrim axe
In stock: bronze waraxe
In stock: titanic axe
In stock: bone club
In stock: sredit prod
In stock: silver warmallet
In stock: tasseled spear
In stock: mahogany spear
In stock: pine javelin
In stock: yew staff
In stock: sungwood staff
In stock: long halberd
In stock: blue trident
In stock: barbed flail
In stock: firedrop bullwhip
In stock: bronze scourge
In stock: twohanded binnol
In stock: throwing knife

Code: Select all

In stock: studded belt
In stock: red robe
In stock: blacksilver cape
In stock: etched shield
In stock: dullblack shield
In stock: goldivy ring
In stock: silver ring
In stock: ivory necklace
In stock: gator bracer
In stock: steel torc

Code: Select all

In stock: visored helmet
In stock: camouflage hood
In stock: finelyspun hood
In stock: insectoid helmet
In stock: rimmed helmet
In stock: ebony vambraces
In stock: cloth sleeves
In stock: riveted sleeves
In stock: tooled sleeves
In stock: dyed sleeves
In stock: finelyspun sleeves
In stock: finely tunic
In stock: bearskin tunic
In stock: shining plate
In stock: leather jerkin
In stock: finelytailored shirt
In stock: heavy gauntlets
In stock: fullleather gauntlets
In stock: dark gloves
In stock: emerald gloves
In stock: ebony greaves
In stock: earthen breeches
In stock: riveted leggings
In stock: dyed leggings
In stock: cloth breeches
In stock: thickmetal boots
In stock: fur boots
In stock: lissome boots
In stock: silvertooled boots
In stock: welloiled boots

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Re: Searching for Weapons of War and a discussion of value

Post by Octavio » Sat May 19, 2018 7:43 am

I mentioned in game yesterday we should come up with a value for one item that we agree on. Then use the stats of that item as a comparision for pricing against other items. Finally add in a multiplier for rare and unique items to come up with a basis for pricing. Note I said pricing, not worth. Worth is the haggle part of the negotiation :p

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