A colorful flier is pinned here

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A colorful flier is pinned here

Postby Kostyk » Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:19 pm

* HP:Healthy MV:Strong > Tear Central Square
[ obvious exits: N E W ]
The waters of a blue-veined marble fountain pour forth here.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
A board hangs on a wall peppered with tales of glory, adventure and history.
A Defender of the Stone maintains peace in the city.
A Tairen bloodstock stallion stands here, tail swaying with the breeze.
A Hand of the Light watches for Darkfriends.
The Tear town crier stands here, spreading the news.
An Illuminator's assistant stands here carrying some colored tubes.

look pike
* HP:Healthy MV:Full > Ok.

* HP:Healthy MV:Full >
Standing on a pike in the square is the head of Rajis.
A colorful flier is pinned here.

look flier
*HP:Healty MV:Full>

Welcome to Kostyk Kransky’s Festive Meats!
Due to strange occurrences, which can only be chalked up to Ta’veren, much of my renowned meat has spoiled and I am now having to enter into other markets.
I have the following wares for trade:

[1] a silver medallion
a heron engraved scabbard

I would be very interested in rare weaponry to aid me in a new career as a swashbuckling adventurer.
Please send me mail with your offers.


Kostyk Kransky, Purveyor of Cured Meats, trader of interesting items and Swashbuckler.
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Re: A colorful flier is pinned here

Postby Kostyk » Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:05 am

I have access to an artefact believed to have survived the breaking, an artfully cut piece of work with so many facets it beggars belief! A piece worthy of display on any lord or ladies mantelpiece.

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