An ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

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Re: An ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

Postby Stevan » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:18 pm

Stevan walks through the Bazaar, dodging the strange and shady people as he navigates through the night crowd. He passes a tavern that is known for its 'Boy's nights', he notices Rentris exiting the tavern wiping his brow, sweating profusely. Rentris was acting odd, looking around to see if anyone had noticed him being there. Avail rode by him coughing loudly and snickering, almost as if he were mocking him. The young Red Eagle then turned to a stall where Lea was snoring, half dressed, wrapped in a chainmail shirt. Confused by the actions of his senior officers, he was filled with fear and regret. He then mounted a nearby horse and rode off as quickly as he could, to Emond's Field.

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Re: An ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

Postby hasp » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:44 pm

Hasp turned toward Thaden and wrinkled his nose. The smell of sheep and urine began to sweep through the tavern. "Boy that really stings the nostrils." Hasp stated.

As he looked out the window he saw a few farmers with swords with a red wool cloak on. Hasp asked, "What kind of fools ride sheep? You think they kow that or are they just too drunk?"

Hasp shrugged and took another drink of ale. He thought they must still be recovering from the war to be acting so crazy.

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Re: An ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

Postby Lea » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:23 pm

Lea awakens with a lurch, her pleasant dream about RARE WEAPONS interrupted by the smell of urine. Scratching at her painted arm pits, she scans the tavern next door, a well known spot for people with a variety of interests. Through the window, she spots her friend, Child Hasp, and his telltale urine stained cloak. Calling out to him over the din she says, "Hey Hasp! Come trade with me! You're just going to lose anything valuable you have to a trolloc, anyway!"

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Re: An ornate chainmail shirt chased with gold.

Postby Rentris » Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:56 pm

Amidst the boiling chaos of piss, “mounting horses”, maniacal laughter from a one-armed ginger beard and the Broke Back Children... Rentris slammed a wicked axe on to the stall and grabbed the shirt. The mistake realized too late. The well-endowed wildebeest screamed, grabbed the axe and began chasing Rentris out of town.

He threw the shirt back as Tattoo Chuck was obviously unsatified with his offer.

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