Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

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Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Zangief » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:24 pm

Dug up an out of date copy since the original running list was on the old forums.


1.Stinkmog [Ko'bal]
2.Goliath [Ko'bal]
3.Smasher [Ko'bal]
7.Snorakk [Ghar'ghael]
8.Gruarth [Ko'bal]
9.Noikor(Initial fading) [Dha'vol]
10.Chaos{Initial fading} [Ghar'ghael]
11.DonCarnage [Ghar'ghael]
12.Mendoze [Ko'bal]
13.Dagre [Dhai'mon]
14.Track [Dha'vol]
15.Stomp [Dhai'mon]
16.Interceptor [Dha'vol]
17.Zork [Ko'bal]
18.Otzo [Ghar'ghael]
19.Braul [Dhai'mon]
20.Meazel [Dhai'mon]
21.Jinx [Ko'bal]
22.Skarn [Ko'bal]
23.Sheek [Ghar'ghael]
24.Grekli [Ko'bal]
25.Khunark [Ghar'ghael]
26.Razhak [Dha'vol]
27.Hress [Dhai'mon]
28.Jaster [Ko'bal]
29.Zangief [Ko'bal]
30.Lormor [Ko'bal]
31.Shzrei [Dhai'mon]
32.Tyrex [Ko'bal]
33.Phreak [Ghar'ghael]
34.Nemesis [Ko'bal]
35.Trauma [Dha'vol]
36.Kesumi (Raised by DF)
37.Foil [Ahf'frait]
38.Scrat [Ghar'ghael]
39.Skittles{Khazar} [Ghar'ghael]
40.Sazi [Dha'vol]
41.Haznak [Dhai'mon]
42.Khwaji [Dha'vol]
43.Cadiz [Ko'bal]
44.Hellace [Ko'bal]
45.Troika [Ahf'frait]
46.Whelk [Ko'bal]
47.Cannibal [Ghar'ghael]
48.Kain [Dha'vol]
49.Noikkor [Dha'vol]
50.Lykan [Ko'bal]
51.Ghraak [Ko'bal]
52.Scizzor [Ko'bal]
53.Equitant [Ghar'ghael]
54.Tempest [Ko'bal]
55.Darth [Ghar'ghael]
56.Baal [Dha'vol]
57.Toribio [Dha'vol]
58.Rark [Dha'vol]
59.Kotte [Ahf'frait]
60.Rig [Ko'bal]
66.Dukug [Dha'vol]

Dreadlord ----> Myrddraal

Myrddraal ----> Dreadlord


51.Grom(This was a great long time ago, he had a shocklance)
54.Kryyg [Ghar'ghael]
(13a.)Chaos [Ghar'ghael]
Shzrei [Dhai’mon]
Hress [Dhai’mon]

De-faded thrice:

(9a.)Noikor [Dha'vol]


1.Neksyl (He was technically a fade, but since he could channel i put him here)
2.Mogg (Raised via DF)
3.Eleanor (Raised via DF)
4.Kenny (Raised via DF)
5.Cenae (Raised via DF)
6.Kedelacia (Raised via DF)
7.Bryan (Raised via DF)
8.Jestin (Raised by rare choice to dl/fade at requirements)
9.Jagang (Raised by Imms giving a couple fades choices to be DL or remain) [Ghar'ghael]
10.Weaver (" ") [Dha'vol]
11.Nooro (Raised via DF)
12.Chrissy (Raised via DF)
13.Xafelar - Now Stanislav* (Raised via DF)
14.Craven (Raised by imms giving 2 Chosen fades option to DL) [Ko'bal]
15.Mangler (" ") [Ghar'ghael]
16.Kilgore (Raised via DF)
17.Melayna(Rharh)(Raised via DF)
20.Meren (Raised via DF)


(14a.)Craven [Ko'bal]
(8a.)Jestin [Ko'bal]

If you remember the distinctive order of yourself you can mail me that portion of the lineup and i will update this.
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Re: Chronicles Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Shimu » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:25 pm

I knew I liked you, thanks for posting this.

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Matmartigan » Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:00 am

who was the next fade? Nietzsche? Kotte, Eviscerator,Equitant, Rark, Toribio, Spyder after?

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Razhak » Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:11 am

If you look at activity, I am basically the oldest -actively- playing fade from that list :P

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Razhak » Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:16 am

And Oh, I was a Dha'vol before I faded

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Elysia » Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:15 am

I'm moving this to RP forums since that's where the original thread was, plus that's where we made an attempt to reconstruct this info.

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Mangler » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:48 am

You missed my case years! I faded the same time as dagre or stomp, always get mixed up which.

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Intimadator » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:07 am

This list certainly makes me sad.

Many on that list I would pk without and obey without ever thinking twice. Would love to see some of those names again.

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Track » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:52 pm

Dagre was Dha'vol before he faded as was Dorgo.

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Re: Chronicles: Fades/Dreadlords

Post by Foil » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:59 pm

Pretty sure I faded a ways before where I am on that list. I faded before the changes to Fade attack, by like 3 weeks.

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