Roving Bandits..

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Roving Bandits..

Postby Alison » Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:50 am

"Quiet!'' hisses and curses can be heard from behind the bushes.

To the south of the voices, the Caemlyn road appears to be deserted in the early morning light. Few cobwebs shine with morning dew as the six men,
shuffle their feet and brandish their cutlasses with shields shivering.

Callin looks to the road, then back at the other five. His calculated analaytic mind seizes on their bodies as if to see where they could be weakened in the coming fight.

"Elrus? You have control of the one power? We cannot let these witches or southerners take you. Be ready to shield the woman before she comes past."

He eyes the young wild eyed man next to him. The kid woke up a week or so ago screaming about spiders crawling all over them and they found most of their blankets and horses scattered, all over the Braem woods.

"Yes, Callin. I have it ready. Why are you making me use this .. the taint it something aweful"

Callin smirk and turns back to the road, the caravan of Tower folk and andoran soldiers approach from the city of Andor. He frowns as he counts ten more men than he bargained for. Few calculations in his head and he nods. Adjusting the plan is what is critical before a fight.

"Dany, you go flank east, harry the horse towards us, watch for that fireball. I believe Alison is with this group. She is known to throw those. Jerin , you head north, kill the bloodstock and the trailing oxen by the wagons. If you hisetate like last time , then i will personally gut you like the pig that you are. Fronin, those bushes are big enough for an ambush. Throw that knife at Alison and Jareera as quickly as you can mind."

They all nod with grim faces. Callin shivers with a wicked grin on his face. Time to show these southerners what a group of bandits can do that is not
hiding in some light forsaken hovel. We will harry them and teach them that those that seek to kill bandits shall feel the wrath of rovers.

"Go and gentleman, may the light and dark abandon us in this fight. We are in this for the sheer thrill of killing everything. If you see that Seanchan Talroc or any of his neighbours, Elrus, kill them. KILL THEM ALL"

The hunt has started...

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