Aftermath: Roving bandits

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Aftermath: Roving bandits

Postby Alison » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:31 pm

Callin growls a deep gutteral sound and peers over the bodies that a sprawled out on the roadway. He counts the ten that was the extra few. Others
bravely fought to stay alive.

They failed.

He walks over to the tower girls and frowns down at them. Elrus is sitting on his haunches, watching Alison like a dog watches its bones..

"You have her shielded?" he queries towards his youngest bandit. The kid barely looks like he is old enough to shave and yet he is wielding power as he is humming there..

"She is shielded. She is dead to the world of her own making..."" He giggles, then turns towards a horse carcass. Like its a friend and pats its corpse.

Callin smirks again. The blazing fire that is the kegs of wine lights up the night sky. Everywhere there is the coppery smell of death , blood and he can swear by his dead mothers milk that there is horse gore on the ground. He passes jerin, the one eyed man gazes at him with hatred as well as respect. The two of them have fought before and Jerin has gotten a few gut slices to attest to him losing.

At alisons side he stops and grabs her hair. It is smudged and darkened, but he is sure he has seen drawings of her hair being golden. He refuses to
acknowledge to himself that he liked her hair.

With brutal efficiency he grabs a kris blade and slices the hair off, and smells it..

"What are you going to do with me? " she asks calmly. He dips his hands in some of the bloodstock gore and the front foot soldiers blood.

He gives a smirk and smears it over her face..

"What you think I am going to do to you? It doesnt compare to what is coming . Hoist her up. IT is time to show her what she has done to my brothers and sisters. Culyn will joining us sooner or later. Use that tree over there. Hang her up side down.""

A cheer roves over the bandits. Callin frowns towards tear and where his brother lives. How on earth can he show this girl that she is going to suffer more than she could ever imagine.

"Who are you?"

"It doesnt matter, Alison. Nothing matters. Not the Light, not the dark. Not spawn. We are all going to die. " He cackles in her face and walks away.

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