A day of Observation and Meditation

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A day of Observation and Meditation

Postby Alison » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:23 pm

Around 2 hours before dawn, Alison quietly steps into the watch area room above four kings. Gently she places the lantern to her left and throw a horse feed bag over her bloodstocks head. She unhitches the saddle and rub it quietly with primrose oil. The early wintry morning makes her breath blow out over the quiet area.

She places the bedro'll on the ground, gently aligning her crossed legs with the view of the whole area, to her front. She places the writing pen and pad to her left and her backpack on her right.

"Logic is the order of things. In the quiet of my mind i will find answers. Walking the path of structures, facts and truth is a journey done with a clear mind and heart.

When the path before you places obstacles, I will pause and examine them. I will analyse and utilize my mind to dissect the smallest detail.

Logic is without emotion, without realms of imagination. Facts based on facts, ifs looking out for outcomes based in intricate design."

She closes her eyes, deep breaths in as she says her words aloud, in an even tone. She folds her hands in her lap, palms upward.

One hour of calm is achieved through meditation and careful elimination of feeling from the task that is before her. A soft snort from her left draws her eys to the left of her. Caemlyn city sits snugly far to the west. A memory of *Puny* attacking her there, flits across her mind. She grabs the pen and paper. With a left hand she writes down what she sees and observes. Her eyes roam over the Caemlyn guards walking the road near Carysford.

To her immediate ahead, she can see the junction road. It appears to be a solid T shape in front of her. Wagons and soldiers pass over the area. She counts live stock, birds flocking around the early insects. Carefully she takes note on which farmer passes into Four kings first.

She nods as her falcon lands on her padded right shoulder.

"Did you find it?" she asks as she describes Hentor. The farmer from Glancor, his wagon packed with dyes for the Whitebridge market. She absently notices the falcons breath also giving out warm air into the early morning air. It forms a small mist ahead of it.

She glances down at the ripped off piece of large rat falling into her lap. The falcon looks at her as if expecting a reward or something.

"You where to show me where it is." the falcon tilts its head to the backgate area. She nods and writes with her right hand. The pen shifted to her other hand. She glances down at the map and make more notations. With an arching look she observes two mangy cats following three rats down towards the Kaf plant room off the lugard road.

She writes and absently note the sun rising and the day passing with deliberateness as days pass in a small town like four kings. She takes notes on the soldiers, the ruffians. Even the riche merchants appearing to look more like ruffians than the ruffians themselves.

Several hours later, she rises calmly. Her eyes adjusting to the changing light. She embraces and note absently that her report has more notes than she could possibly enter into her report.

Slowly with care she rolls the bedroll up and gently walk the horse around the room. She will have to make few more notes on the weather in the area. Saml hake was quite happy to show her where the bountyhunter is as well where there are hidden doors away from prying eyes. She puts away her notes and slip out of the area before seanchan comes. It was just the previous morning when Erulisse, Briana and herself was fighting Ikaro and Gumps west of Whitebridge. Absently she wonders what kind of input someone that is studying with the Brown ajah can give on an area like Four Kings.

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