Best Halloween retool costume competition!

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Best Halloween retool costume competition!

Postby Elysia » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:13 am

Given the ability to retool and dress up in a costume this Halloween, we want to encourage your creativity and reward those with the best costume.

There will be a few categories:
-Best Wheel of Time themed costume. Perfecting a trolloc, fur, beak and all? Or do you want to outperform Robert Jordan's dress writing? Now you can!
-Funniest costume. Humor is good, mmmkay? Please keep it appropriate for young and old though, we are still a family mud.
-Best "other". Non WoT fantasy, science fiction, tv and so on. Put on your robe and wizard hat, make your best Han Solo, or impersonate a Christmas tree (watch out for wolfbrothers with full bladders).

I will make a thread for each category, so please post your entries there.

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