A Rebirth Part 1

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A Rebirth Part 1

Postby hasp » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:36 am

This is my first real attempt at a RP story. Way different then my normal preaching in the mud. So here goes.

Jyreal looked out upon the ocean as the sun began to heat his back from the east. He looked over to his friend Hyle and rolled the dice. As the dice rolled Jyreal stated, "Another warm day it seems, don't ya think?" The dice stopped showing a three and one and Hyle sighed.

Jyreal chuckled and said, "The dice never seem to be with you, do they old friend?"

Hyle snorted, "I swear you cheat. There is now way. Anyways, lets watch the sea as we are supposed to."

Jyreal nodded and peered out upon the ocean and began to pace down one end of the dock then the other. The day seemed to crawl as fast as any. Slowly. The normal rustle of sea folk ships and other trading vessels made their way in and out the harbor. Nothing too exciting, except for a young boy that tried stealing an apple from a stand. As noon passed a young man walked up to Jyreal and gave a shove. Jyreal rounded ready to introduce the person to the ground but stopped. He smiled and embraced the boy. "Hasp, you have come back."

"Of course, father. I told you I would." It had been nearly a year since Hasp had left home. An adventurous young lad he wanted to see the world. To see what it had besides an ocean to one side and plains to the other. The constant tensions between nations around them could not be all that the world had for them could it? Hasp swallowed hard. "Father!" he yelled.

The peer had become silent letting the yell echo but no one paid him any attention. Their focus was on the ocean. The ships.

Hasp opened his eyes slowly. The ringing in his ears was nothing he had experienced before. He began to stand but collapsed. So much pain. What had happened? A turned over container was next to him. He kneeled down and grabbed up at the box. Pulling himself up slowly the pain ran through his back down into his legs. They trembled like a baby fawn first learning to walk. He grabbed at the pieces thrown all around trying to get to an exit. The shop he was in had been destroyed but there was a hole on the other side he could snake through. After what seemed an eternity he made it. He looked out at the pier. The pier. Planks of wood were thrown about. The pier was left in shambles. Ships were sinking into the ocean. He tilted his head further up. Those were the biggest ships he had ever seen were close. Taller than some building he could not make out much. Squinting he could notice figures standing at the ends of the ships.

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Re: A Rebirth Part 1

Postby Reyne » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:44 pm

Looking forward to more!

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