A Rebirth Part 2

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A Rebirth Part 2

Postby hasp » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:47 am

"What in bloody ashes is that?" he asked himself. "Is that a leash?" He could notice two women standing near one another but once seemed to be wearing a collar. Before he could think anymore bolts of lightning crashed all around him. Stumbling he turned and ran as fast as he could. Everything went blurry as he fell to the ground. He tried to focus but the pain was too much to handle. Slowly, he gained his vision back and noticed a large metal shield laying beside him. It must have been shot off from a lightning blast. He once again brought himself up to his feet. He noticed he had run from the docks all the way to the square in Falme.

Finally, after what seemed hours the lightning stopped. Hasp began to jog towards where his home was in the city with his father. His father. "How could I be such a coward?" he asked himself. Turning back around he looked at the dock. The dock had been destroyed for the most part from the looks of it. He noticed smaller boats being released from the giant ones with people...or something beginning to row them towards the city. Hundreds it seemed like. Hasp began sprinting back to the dock arriving as the first group of enemies had also pulled in.

He crept behind a demolished building to keep out of site. His father is all he could think about at the time. He could not see him but with the blessing of the Light he some how survived. The soldiers began scouring the area looking for whatever they were looking for. Their armor made them look like some kind off beasts, an insect maybe. What was more terrifying is that he was correct earlier. There were many women leading other women on leashes. One of the pair headed his way but he had no way to get away. Hasp crouched into a ball as small as he could but it would do no good, he knew that. Finally, as they were about to encroach upon his position there was a commotion down by what was left of the dock. One of the invaders had one man by each hand, hauling them out of some rubble. The two women turned and went towards the new discovery. Hasp scurried into a better position into the building getting a view from higher ground.

"Father" Hasp gasped. His father looked to be in rough shape. His foot turned the opposite direction but you would not know it by his face. Always a tough man he would never show weakness. The other man looked up at the women who would come to stand in front of them. "You will not take this city...." he began to yell at them. In an instant the man was on fire screaming. His body flopped around as a fish does when left out of water. The screams could surely be heard throughout the city. Jyreals eyes tightened and Hasp could see something he never had from his father....fear.

Another large man appeared and walked up to Jyreal. "The Return is upon you" he drawled. "Tell me what it is you do here. Excuse me, tell me what you did."

Jyreal looked up at the soldier and told him. "I am one who watches upon the ocean to ensure the safety of Falme."

The invader removed his helmet and had a look of disgust upon his face. "You failed not only that but you have failed us already. You should have been awaiting the Return not the water you loaf. Ensure this man continues his duty" he drawled sharply.

Hasp continued to watch and after an hour or so noticed someone bringing what seemed to be a makeshift cage of some sort. They stripped Jyreal into his underpands and through him into the cage. Barely enough room to even crouch the discomfort was easily noticeable for Hasp. They then raised the cage upwards onto part of a light post that had survived.

"Here you will watch across the sea for the Return to continue. You will be given just enough to eat and just enough to drink to keep you alive. You will be the example for all. The Seanchan come to take what is rightfully theirs.

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