A child of Children encounters three Whites.

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A child of Children encounters three Whites.

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Tower Square
This side of the square is the southern section of the Tower Square.
In the center is the walled off White Tower. To the south a large
boulevard opens up leading to the Southharbor. To the north you see
the southern gate of the Tower grounds. The square continues east
and west.
A large banner rests here, depicting a map of Tar Valon.
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
A marble bench, flecked with gold and bronze, adorns the floor.
An oil lamp, set in a steel cage, hangs from a high wooden pole.
An elaborately sculpted marble fountain splashes merrily.
A stout wooden barrel stands nearby.
A warhorse is here, stamping his feet impatiently, being ridden by you.
Aishana the Elder Sister is standing here.
Mierin al'Duran is standing here.
Raeza Dovoros is standing here.
A gray palfrey prances skittishly nearby.
A black stallion prances about.
The Tar Valon town crier stands here, spreading the news.

Ranga bows deeply.

Mierin says 'Murdering someone in their sleep.'

Aishana says 'Red business isn't for the faint of heart.'

Raeza nods in agreement.

Mierin pales.

Raeza says 'Sleep weave?'

Aishana nods in agreement.

Raeza nods in agreement.

Mierin says 'Murdering people in their sleep.'

Ranga looks uncomfortable.

Mierin says 'The technique is gaining popularity again.'

Mierin remembers the dark days when Eleanor was an initiate.

Mierin spits over her shoulder.

Mierin says 'She used that technique so often....'

Mierin says 'I had nightmares when ever I got the message 'You sense someone channeling saidar''

Mierin says 'Can you still Travel while hidden?'

Aishana says 'Yes'

Mierin shivers uncomfortably.

Raeza says 'You can still see the flows when someone is hidden though?'

Aishana nods in agreement.

Raeza nods in agreement.

Mierin says 'You sense them, yes.'

Raeza says 'So more effective on non channelers, or men I suppose.'

Mierin says 'Until someone manages to mask their ability in some way...'

Aishana leaves north.

Mierin says 'You still get the message...you feel groggy but you shake it off if the weave fails.'

Aishana has arrived from the north.

Aishana leaves south.

Raeza says 'Though to be fair... most of who we battle are non channelers or men.'

Mierin looks at Ranga.

Ranga Ellis'era Traofann, Tactician is a level 51 Legion of Unity Council human.
Piercing blue eyes gaze from this man's hardened face, observing the world
coolly. A signet ring bearing a blue rose is on his right hand, sign of his
blood bond to Child Ewiene Ellis'era.

Mierin says 'Blood bond to Child Ewiene?'

Ranga says pensively, as if still in thought 'Yeees?'

Ranga is shaken by himself.

Mierin says 'I thought that was in reference to a Child of the light.'

Raeza looks at Ranga.

Ranga says 'It is. My parents were Children.'

Raeza arches an eyebrow.

Alison has arrived from the south, riding a dust-colored gelding.

Alison sits down and rests.

Ranga says 'Ryvan Traofann and Ewiene Ellis'era Traofann.'

Mierin says 'How did you manage to avoid that affliction?'

Ranga says 'I didn't.'

Ranga chuckles politely.

Mierin says 'You seem awfully at your ease in Tar Valon surrounded by 3 Aes Sedai'

Ranga says 'I was young and with my lineage, I rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a very young Under-Lieutenant.'

Raeza says 'And yet, you are no longer.'

Ranga says 'Then a certain Child turned out to be a darkfriend, and the other Children prosecuted my mother for having taught him politics.'

Mierin smirks.

Ranga says 'It was not long after that the Hand appeared to seek my head, so I left.'

Mierin says 'I'm sorry to hear of your ordeals.'

Ranga says 'I roamed the lands for ages, reading old manuscripts and trying to find various artifacts to assist in Tarmon Gaidon.'

Ranga says 'Of course, all the obvious ones had long since been recovered.'

Ranga says 'I found a new home in the Legion. Division will not win us the Last Battle.'

Ranga says 'We must stand together in Unity if we are to prevail and defeat the Dark One's forces.'

Mierin says 'I hope you aren't seeking artifacts of the One Power.'

Mierin looks at Ranga archly.

Ranga says 'I was. Best they fall into the right hands than the wrong ones, yes?'

Mierin says 'Such items are the property of the White Tower. For your safety it is best to leave such items.'

Mierin nods at Ranga.

Raeza nods in agreement.

Ranga says 'And you wouldn't be happy if such property was delivered onto your doorstep?'

Ranga says 'It can hardly be property if I were to leave it somewhere exposed and vulnerable in the wild.'

Raeza says 'Best to contact the Tower to go and secure the item safely.'

Mierin says 'It would be a wiser course of action to alert Aes Sedai of their where abouts. We're mainly concerned about YOUR safety and the safety of non-initiates who encounter items of the power.'

Mierin says 'Not even Aes Sedai know the uses of all these artifacts.'

Mierin says 'Some do not even require the use of the one power to function.'

Raeza says 'Some items of the Power can be triggered accidentally even by non channelers.'

Raeza nods at Mierin.

Mierin says 'Simply holding them may suffice.'

Ranga says 'I prefer lost knowledge to be unlost. I'm more of the Brown inclination, so to speak.'

Mierin says 'I happen to know of a certain ter'angreal that by simply wearing it or holding it in close proximity to your body and sleeping can be lethal.'

Alison stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Mierin greets Alison with a light kiss on her cheek.

Mierin says 'Sister.'

A raucous group of sailors leaves south.
Mierin looks at Alison.

Alison smiles happily.

Mierin says 'how was your forray into the Blasted Lands?'

Ranga says 'I am not a fool, Aes Sedai. I had a special lead lined chest when I was searching. I do not tend to sleep with lead lined chests.'

Ranga says 'Although I don't mind chests of another variety.'

Alison says 'Lots of illogically made creatures.'

Ranga slaps his knee as he laughs.

Alison says 'Tried to pin down a spawn to study it.'

Mierin says 'Indeed? to what end?'

Mierin says 'Ranga.'

Mierin sighs.

Mierin says 'Since you won't be turned from your course of action, please be careful and always on your guard.'

Ranga says 'Of course. Although I have yet to retrieve anything. It would appear the Aes Sedai were reading the same manuscripts I was, sometimes aeons ago.'

Ranga says 'Or we were equally bad at deciphering them.'

Ranga frowns.

Mierin says 'Some items are in the Great Holding of the Stone of Tear.'

Ranga says 'As well as the Fortress of Light, I believe.'

Mierin says 'Seems some fool High Lords have been collecting them for Centuries.'

Mierin arches an eyebrow.

Ranga says 'As have the Children. I believe some Hand has been seeking them, although his name escapes me.'

Mierin says 'Indeed? The Children? I'd never have suspected them.'

Ranga says 'Perhaps it was Einor Saren?'

Raeza says 'Very peculiar.'

Ranga says 'I'm sure to them it's just a strategic move.'

Ranga says 'If they have it, a channeler can't use it.'

Alison ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Mierin says 'Would that they discover a moveable portal stone.'

Mierin gives an impish grin. How adorable.

Mierin says 'That would solve so many problems.'

Raeza says 'And yet they have no idea of what they are dealing with. Quite irrational.'

A group of horn seekers pass close by ( Alison )

Mierin arches an eyebrow.

Mierin says 'check your purse sister.'

Raeza stops using a small purse.

Raeza puts a small purse on her belt.

Raeza nods in agreement.

Mierin says 'They passed awfully close to you.'

Alison says 'Last person that tried stealing from me is still rotting in jail.'

Mierin grins at Alison.

Mierin says 'She's always been a tad salty.'

Raeza says 'If the horn were here in Tar Valon, we would have it locked away. Not sure what they think they are going to find here.'

Mierin says 'Yes. The Horn should be found soon....'

Mierin trails off abruptly.

Raeza arches an eyebrow.

Ranga says 'How old is the Horn, anyway? Does it pre-date the Kinslayer?'

Mierin says 'The Horn of Valere? Some scholars believe it was created in an Age long forgotten.'

Raeza nods in agreement.

Alison says 'I can never understand those people seeking something they dont undertand fully.'

The gleeman has arrived from the east.

Leria has arrived from the north.

Mierin grins at Alison.

Mierin blinks her eyes innocently.

Mierin says 'We've been having a conversation along those lines.'

Leria smiles with mirth sparkling in ice blue eyes.

Leria greets Alison with a light kiss on her cheek.

Leria greets Mierin with a light kiss on her cheek.

Mierin says 'Leria.'

Raeza greets Leria with a light kiss on her cheek.

Leria greets Raeza with a light kiss on her cheek.

Mierin beams a smile at Leria.

Mierin greets Leria with a light kiss on her cheek.

Leria says 'Good day Sisters.'

Mierin says 'It is now.'

Ranga murmurs 'Aes Sedai.'

Raeza says 'The Light's blessings, Sister.'

Mierin says 'We could use your knowledge on a subject we were just discussing.'

Mierin says 'The age of the Horn of Valere'

Leria tips her head respectfully," I shall offer what I can."

Mierin says 'When it was created, etc?'

Raeza looks at Leria.

Leria gets a well read book from a backpack.

Alison ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Mierin says 'Logically speaking, since it's tied to the Wheel, and is able to spin out Hero's from any age...'

Ranga tries to peek above the top of the book, trying to read the title.
Alison says 'Its not logical to assume that such an item even exists.'

Leria flips open the cover and scans through a page that looks like an outline.

Kadmiel has arrived from the south, riding an Illianer steed.

Mierin says 'It must have been created at or very close to the First Age.'

Leria looks up snsing someone trying to peek.

Mierin looks at Kadmiel.

Mierin says 'Well met, Illianer'

Raeza looks at Kadmiel.

Mierin looks at Leria.

Alison says 'Statistically an item must be made of cuendillar to have survived thousands of years.'

Leria lifts her eyesbrows as if having found something, and turns a few thick groups of pages and murmurs to herself as she reads.

Ranga says 'Stone survives for a mighty long time too, Aes Sedai.'

Leria says 'The exact origin of the Horn is unknown still, therefore it is difficult to trace its exact age. '

The gleeman says 'Ah, the Hunt for the Horn of Valere!'

The gleeman says 'Well, I'd tell you the whole tale, but it'd take days.'

The gleeman says 'I did pick up a bit of song a few weeks ago, however.'

The gleeman says 'How did it go.'

The gleeman withdraws a small, beaten harp from under his cloak.

The gleeman hums a few notes to himself.

The gleeman sings 'From the south came a fearless man'

The gleeman sings 'Kirby, of the dancing seas was his mark'

The gleeman sings 'An Oath he swore, for glory and fame'

The gleeman sings 'Yet upon the rocks he met his fate'

Raeza arches an eyebrow.

The gleeman sings 'Cross mountain and ruin traveled he'

Mierin stares at the sky.

Alison says 'How would a horn made of stone even look, let alone feel?'

The gleeman sings 'A scrap found in passing led him higher'

The gleeman sings 'The Horn, within his grasp, did lay'
Leria says 'There are many things from the Age of Legends that we lost to us, so it may be crafted from some power or resource that we have lost. '

The gleeman sings 'At the ruins he met a devious ancient guard'

The gleeman sings 'A flash of steel, crows take to the air'

The gleeman sings 'And though brave, ice grasped his soul'

The gleeman frowns in annoyance.

Alison says 'I have not seen anyone ever building a horn out of stone.'

The gleeman says 'Not much of a song, I suppose. With a bit of work...'

The gleeman hangs his harp back below his cloak.

The gleeman says 'I see the gleam in your eyes!'

The gleeman says 'Ask yourself, who carried the tale back?'

The gleeman chuckles politely.

Mierin gets five copper pennys from a backpack.

Mierin gives some coins to the gleeman.

The gleeman flashes a wide smile.

The gleeman says 'Thank you, my friend! I'd love to share a tale with you.'

The gleeman says 'Today, I think, I'll visit the story of Lews Therin Telamon.'

Mierin stares at the sky.

The gleeman says 'You've probably heard of him as The Dragon.'

The gleeman pauses a moment in recollection.

The gleeman hums briefly to himself before breaking into song...

Raeza chuckles politely.

Mierin glares at the gleeman.

The gleeman sings 'The day was bright and the sky was clear'

The gleeman sings 'The False Ones sealed away'

The gleeman sings 'Lews Therin smiled a smile of joy'

The gleeman sings 'The Dark One sealed away'

The gleeman sings 'Yet to his loss, a strip slipped out'
The gleeman leaves south.

Ranga says 'Now he's going to mention the Horn...'

Mierin says 'Anyone know Silence?'

Mierin glares around her.

Alison looks at a dust-colored gelding.

Mierin says 'Where's Joycelyn when one needs her.'

Raeza says 'Warding vs. gleemen?'

Leria says 'I would say, if I may be emboldened to do so. '

Mierin says 'Silence weave.'

Mierin nods at Leria.

Jocelyn has arrived from the north.

Mierin says 'Do go on, Sister.'

Mierin says 'Name the dark one...'

Mierin gapes.

Ranga rubs his arms and shivers.

Raeza nods at Mierin.

Leria says 'What I know of the research I have gone through of the Horn that we cannot determine its exact quality or age until we can examine it in hand. '

Ranga says 'That, was creepy. As if she was summoned.'

Jocelyn leaves west.

Jocelyn has arrived from the west, riding a warhorse.

Leria says 'The Horn of the Worthy is said to appear when it is needed in the Last Battle. '

Mierin nods at Leria.

Jocelyn points at the Tar Valon town crier, who seems to cough and sputter a little!

Raeza arches an eyebrow.

Mierin says 'Was it used in the Age of Legends?'

Jocelyn arches an eyebrow.

Ranga says 'Here we are all assuming it's a musical instrument, while it could as well be the shape of a cow's horn...'

Raeza says 'What have you done Sister?'

Mierin grins at Raeza.

Mierin weaves her hands, creating a hearty meal in the process.

Mierin eats a strange fruit.

Leria says 'according to research... '

Mierin says 'Gray Ajah bonus.'

Jocelyn says 'I made him just a little bit quieter.'

Jocelyn nods in agreement.

Leria flips another few pages and squints a bit as she tries to read her older handwriting...

Raeza says 'Ah I wasn't aware.'

Mierin says 'Must aid tremendously in negotaions.'

Leria says '"Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin"...The grave is no bar to my call'

Mierin says 'negotiations'

Mierin nods at Leria.

Alison says 'Sisters, i would like to debate the validity and or the existance of this said item.'

Mierin says 'To debate a negative sister?'

Alison says 'Is it? ive never seen this thing or held it. How do i know it exists?'

Ranga says 'Does an item exist if one has never laid eyes on it?'

Leria says 'We have tomes, and prose that include the horn. '

Raeza says 'There are records of the item's existence, are there not?'

Raeza nods at Leria.

Alison says 'It is what it is. If its not what it is, then how can i prove its logicisticity without any prove that my rational mind can fathom?'

Mierin says 'Ahh, but the horn was seen, if I recall correctly, at the Creation of the Eye, and Callandor.'

Leria says 'It is mentioned in the Prophecies of the Dragon. '

Mierin nods at Leria.

Alison says 'Thus a mention of something gives it an automatic existance?'

Jocelyn points at the gleeman, who seems to cough and sputter a little!

Leria pauses and sits on the bench folding her book against her lap.

Raeza says 'Interesting, Sister. I thought that there was not any direct mention of it in the Prophecies. I must have mis remembered.'

Mierin says 'Horn of valere'

Mierin grins at the gleeman.

The gleeman withdraws a small, beaten harp from under his cloak.

*edited out another round of the Gleeman's Horn tale*

Mierin says 'he's immune it seems'

Jocelyn nods in agreement.

Leria says 'that could be anything or anyone if we follow that. '

Jocelyn says 'Gleeman bonus.'

Mierin chuckles politely.

Jocelyn winks at Mierin.

Leria says 'a Photo of an Aes edai past, or a book that mentions her, is she in question becuase we cannot se her?'

Alison says 'You are digressing from the topic at hand'

Alison says 'I merely state that we postulate that this item exist, on mere mention.'

Leria says 'It is but the same, if a mention of someone or something in a book doesn't allude to its potenital ofr realiy... '

Mierin says 'Indeed. I beg to differ, sister. You say just because an item that you or no one in living history has encountered cannot be logically thought to exist.'

Mierin says 'But this debate is futile, since it is impossible to prove a negative.'

Mierin says 'and an exercise in futility.'

Ranga says 'Has anyone of us ever met their great grandmother?'

Alison says 'No, you are drawing a paralell to this to prove your existing item. Where as it will be easier to provide evidence for the existance of your seda example than produce evidence of the mere mention of this item of valere.'

The gleeman withdraws a small, beaten harp from under his cloak.

*edited out another gleeman round*

Alison nods at Mierin.

Alison says 'Indeed, sister.'

Mierin frowns in annoyance.

Mierin says 'It is written that the Horn will be found at Humanities greatest hour of need.'

Raeza says 'If it is found, we will know. Until then, we cannot be sure, though this does not mean that the topic cannot be studied. Else most of history could not be studied.'

Mierin says 'Which makes hunters for the horn illogical.'

The gleeman withdraws a small, beaten harp from under his cloak.

*edit and again*

Raeza says 'Really, you could go entertain another city.'

Leria says 'If it were just one reference I would be skeptical but there are several. The gleeman as well speak to its tale and existence. '

Mierin says 'It will be found, when it is found. And since it's mentioned in prophecy then it is destined to happen. Or do you take issue with prophecy as will Alison?'

Raeza says 'True. Though I trust Gleeman stories as a source of truth about as much as a trust the Children's version of the truth.'

Mierin grins impishly at Alison.

Alison says 'Lying to rest the valere hunters. I will digress it is up for further discussion at a later state. As for the logic of prophecy. That alone is several hours worth of debate.'

*edit and againnn*

The gleeman withdraws a small, beaten harp from under his cloak.

Leria says 'I will not atempt to validate what is said about the horn, but that the Glee Folk deem it worthy to remember is important.'

Mierin says 'Prophecy? that is a debate you will indeed be on the wrong side of I fear. For prophecy is very closely linked to the Wheel and the Pattern itself as the presense of Ta'veren have proven.'

Ranga shakes his head at the gleeman.

Mierin nods at Alison.

Alison says 'There is not substance to the words.'

Raeza arches an eyebrow.

Mierin says 'You've never seen the Foretelling in action.'

Mierin says 'You are young still.'

Mierin shrugs helplessly.

Alison says 'When you look at the words, its cloaked in obscurity. It doesnt mention a direct place where the prophecy starts. It cloaks itself in words to confuse the reader.'

Mierin says 'I've witnessed it on several occasions.'

Leria opens her journal and flips to a well worn section and reads.

Mierin grins at Leria.

Leria says 'In the last, lorn fight 'gainst the fall of long night, the mountains stand guard, and the dead shall be ward, for the grave is no bar to my call.'

Alison says 'Within it, the interpretation of the prophecy is up to the reader. How does a reader verify the data without baseline info to back it up.'

Alison says 'Let alone finding threads of truth within those cloaked words.'

Ranga says 'I believe the prophecies mention he is to be born on Dragonmount?'

Synthia has arrived from the south.

Mierin says 'Prophecy by its very definition means predicting the future, yes?'

Leria says 'I urge caution sister, there are some who use similar phrases against us. '

Synthia says in a low voice not to interupt the coversation, 'Dear Crier, where is Harryl today?'

Synthia nods at the Tar Valon town crier.

Synthia leaves south.

Mierin says 'So if I tell you. That you will be slapped, and you are slapped is that not a true prediction?'

Alison says 'I know, Leria. But the purpose of debate entails one of us to choose a side sometimes that might not be desirable. Yet, must be explored.'

Leria says 'please do pardon me a moment Sisters. '

Mierin says 'You mustn't be so terse with our sisters of the Brown.'

Mierin beams a smile at Alison.

Mierin says 'They mean well.'

Mierin says 'And prophecy is a very touchy subject to them.'

Alison nods in agreement.

Raeza nods in agreement.

Alison says 'We are build to q uestion. Without it we just blindly follow what we dont understand.'

Mierin says 'Some things are taken on faith, if you will, until such a time as it can be proven by minds such as ours through scientific means.'

Alison nods in agreement.

Raeza says 'I think there is truth to be found in prophecy, but is certainly a challenging enterprise.'
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