A new set of Lessons: Part 1

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A new set of Lessons: Part 1

Postby Leria » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:24 am

A shout can be heard down the hallway of the Brown Apartments,” What do you mean I can’t bring my Journal!”

A Private Apartment
A single apartment of the Brown Ajah shows little sign of current occupancy. While tidy and clearly regularly swept, the room smells somewhat musty, and the curtains of the canopied bed are creased in an open position. Few personal effects or decorations have been moved into the domicile. It is unclear whether the occupant has been outside the Tower for an extended period, or is merely lost in studies somewhere within the bounds of the Library. An oaken door opens to the north, on squeaky hinges.
[ obvious exits: N ]

Rikkus Acaelus, Warder to Leria Sedai stands here.
Maura, Brown Attendant stands here.
Leria the Elder Sister, stands here behind a dressing curtain.

Leria says, “You realize I am a Brown. Not having my journal with me… no way to take notes is… is..”
Rikkus says, “Sedai, you wanted a warder. You wanted to learn. You can either listen, or find someone else to coddle you."
A boot of animal fur flies from around the curtain towards the Gaidin.
Rikkus smirks, she had spunk. He had to give her that. He caught the boot and passed it to Maura with a nod. “The books, journals and pens all stay here. Maura will guard them, I am sure.”

Leria stepped out from behind the curtain and adjusted the cuendillar buckle against the tawny riding cloak she bore. “Can I at least find an embroidered bag to carry things in?”

Rikkus held out a small purse, “Put this on your belt. It is all you will need.”
Leria’s jaw dropped at the size, but was unable to respond before he spoke again.
Rikkus says,“It will carry the few items that you need. Maura has secured you a water flask instead of the skin. It is lighter.” The flask was passed over and she attached that to her belt as well.
Leria says, “No books, smaller water flask, and a teeny purse that I can’t really put any oddities in.” Reaching for her shield, she muttered under her breath. “What’s next my sword?”

Rikkus laughed merrily and leaned against the desk, the wood creaking in response. “Actually yes. When we were fighting the other day, I noticed that it weighs you down too much. You need to be able to move faster in battle, or if you are attacked.”
Leria roughly set down her shield, banging against her chair. “Excuse me? You’re joking?” Glancing to Maura,” You let him take my swords?”
Maura says, “He is your Warder, Aes Sedai. He is only doing what is best for you.”
Leria fought the urge to roll her eyes, “Fine, Warder. What will I wield then instead?”
Rikkus says, “As it stands I’ve brought you a gift.”
Rikkus gets a yew staff from his backpack.
Rikkus says, “This will give you better chance of avoiding attacks. I am sure you know where to go practice with it in your down time.”
Rikkus gives Leria a yew staff.
Leria wields a yew staff.
Leria mutters to herself a moment turning it around in her hands and shaking her head. “Thank you Gaidin.”
Rikkus pulls out a leather pouch. “I am not done. You need to wear these as well. And, they are rather precious. Hopefully they will balance out the unpleasant gear you have to wear now.”

Leria wears two shimmering pendants of obsidian around her neck.
Leria wears two Kandori wristcuffs about her wrists.

Leria places a hand on one of the pendants and smiles a little. Her voice more confident and genuine, “Thank you Gaidin.”
Rikkus says, “You don’t like it now, but once we’ve tried it in the field you will agree with me. You need to be lighter, so that you can avoid being hit. That means nothing extra. You find something of note you have me hold it, or someone else in the group.”
Rikkus says, “Your job is not to collect or hold things. Anyone who says differently is wrong. No more packs or purses. From now on you only keep the necessities.”
Rikkus adjusts the shield on her arm, and adds several items to the purse. “This is all you carry from now on. Trust me.”

Leria stood still for a moment, uncertain. But Rikkus was her warder, and she did trust him. They returned from The Blight bonded the day Gaidin Vilac retrieved Justice from the Trollocs. She had learned much, and knew there was more to go. “I trust you.”

Rikkus watched her unmoving for a moment, then threw a punch towards her head.
Leria ducked out of the way, and balked at him, “Why did you…”
Rikkus says, “See… Faster already. Now, time for, what do you call it? Field testing?”
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Re: A new set of Lessons: Part 1

Postby hasp » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:42 am

Entertainint. Good read. Thank you.

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Re: A new set of Lessons: Part 1

Postby isabel » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:10 pm

This is lovely!! Great ending too. Thanks for posting.

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