Seeking advice on logistics of damane rp (log included)

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Re: Seeking advice on logistics of damane rp (log included)

Postby Jiera » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:36 am

In this case Jiera is NOT a willing participant. Her background RP in the Tower was of being an escaped Damane and it took her years (irl) to heal. (Her reaction was quite fun when upon being inducted she was originally told she had to OBEY the Laras, the MISTRESS of Novices. :D )

Part of the fun in RPing a damane this time around is that now Jiera has had Tower training and so it shall take longer this time for her to lose her sense of self, purpose, desire to return to the Tower (rply as of course now that she is declanned she can never return logistically), etc., all the while trying to pretend to be a 'good damane' and trying to bury her true feelings as much as possible (similar to how an AS may hide feelings from her bonded Warder).

Of course her Sul'dam senses her feelings and punishes her accordingly. But for now her Sul'dam is trying various ways to break her and for now is even calling her 'Jiera' rather than 'Pookie'. Her Sul'dam is determined that this time Jiera will be properly broken until such a time any desire to escape is gone. (Even if Jiera had been with a different sul'dam for months at the time of her original escape, her current Sul'dam still feels some shame which is why she spent years finding and then recapturing Jiera.)

Anyways, I'm just sharing so some can see some of what is going on inside my head as I rp, not just Jiera as the Damane, but also her imaginary Sul'dam mob.

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