A Rebirth part 3 (took way too long)

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A Rebirth part 3 (took way too long)

Postby hasp » Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:38 pm

For weeks Hasp continued to watch his father in the cage. Nothing but a skeleton, Jyreal barely clung to life. The cage was so small that his chin laid upon his knees as he sat in the cage. Staring at the ocean was all he did, learning the hard way if he did not. The one time he turned his head around to see what was happening on the dock he was beaten. Hasp had looked on in horror but there was nothing he could do at the time. Hasp worked on the dock like many of those that had lived in Falme, trying to keep from being noticed. He was gathering information on the routines of the guards around the dock area to try and plan an escape for all of his family.

After scouting the areas every moment he was not asleep, Hasp knew that chance of escape was minimal but he could not watch his father die. The problem was how. An ocean to one side and a heavily guarded wall to another prevented any easy escape methods. Finally, Hasp thought of something. Not confident, but desperate he waited until the sun had jus disappeared behind the water. He walked behind the stables they were keeping these monstrous beasts. How in the world these people learned to tame these things was beyond his comprehension. He used oil for the lanterns and soaked the outside of the building as much as he could. Finally, he took a torch and lit it. After what seemed an eternity the flames began to engulf the building. The guards on the dock started yelling, "Fire, fire!" Walking across the road quickly, he assumed the guards would be distracted and miraculously he was correct. Once behind another building he ran towards the docks in a full sprint. Not far away the guards that had ran toward the fire, for what seemed to be to save the beasts.

Hasp ran up hid caged father and grabbed the lever that would lower the cage. Once it was down he grabbed his father who could barely walk.

"H....Hasp. Don't..." Jyrael lowly whispered.

"We must go now!" Hasp snapped.

Practically dragging his father through the back streets toward his home Hasp began to ache. His legs burned with the intensity of the sun it seemed but he kept going. Finally, he reached his house. His mother and sister were there waiting. Hasp had only informed them to be ready, which they were. They would take nothing on this journey except themselves. The risk of supplies slowing them down would only ensure death. Confident he could find a deer for food and water on the way, Hasp thought that was the best plan.

"Lets go, now!" Hasp said in between trying to catch his breath.

They scurried out of the house and east toward the gate. At night he noticed that the guards had become complacent. He assumed they thought everyone had bent knee to them and would not put up a fight. Finally, after getting into view of the gate they all hid out of sight of the guards. Hasp noticed that there would be a gap in line of vision that they would have to exploit to get into the tower. From there they would need to jump. Unfortunately, he knew he may have to kill a guard at the top if need be.

Once the time came, he led them across. Up the stairs they went slowly trying to ensure they could sneak up on anyone above them. As they got to the top Hasp told his family to stop. He put his father against the wall still barely clinging to life. He could see one guard looking out onto the Almoth Plains.

"Stop sneaking around you fools." he said quietly.

Hasp stopped in his tracks. Shocked he did not even say anything, hand resting on the hilt of his dagger. "E.....excuse me?" he asked.

"I know who that man is." pointing at Jyrael. "I do not agree with these methods. The only way out is through this window." the man said pointing out towards the darkness. The sympathetic guard let them out the window.

OOF!! The fall knocked the wind out of all of them!
SNAP! Pain shot up the legs and into their side!
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Re: A Rebirth part 3 (took way too long)

Postby Rentris » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:41 pm

Getting pretty good. Hope pt4 comes soon.

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