Return of a Sul'dam

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Return of a Sul'dam

Postby sunia » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:03 pm

The sun had just crested to the east, the snow capped peaks to the north starting to glint in the early light. At a gentle tap at the door, Sunia raised her eyes from her small bowl of fruit and drawled enter. As a young girl dressed in servants livery entered she slowly stood.

They are ready? asked Sunia. They are replied the girl,eyes downcast.
Good, Sunia said as she nodded at the girl. Let us proceed. It is past time. A hint of excitement in her voice.

After a short walk from the lower levels of the palace, past Seandar Central Square to a large,shabby looking building Sunia paused at the door.
Glancing at the guards at the door, she entered ignoring the sharp tang of sweat and human filth that assulated her senses. Rubbing unnoticed at her wrist as though something was missing, she proceded to the office of the Captain of the guard.

How many? The Captain of the guard jumped at the question,almost a shout as Sunia enterd his office.
A quick bow eyes downcast he replied, only four Sul'dam. A quickly mutterd Show me! was all the response he received as Sunia spun on her heel heading down the hall.

We have two that seem to be new to thier ability drawled the captain as he fumbled open a small window in a dirty foul smelling cell.
Inside a small girl huddled in rags cringed at the sudden clang of the window being opened.A shiny silver lead attached to her neck,the end hanging on a peg in the wall the only thing clean in the room.

No! show me the next, Sunia snapped. Again almost the same thing,the window, the cell, the girl. A quick dissapointed glare from Sunia and on to the next cell with the same results.

This last one said the Captain, I must warn is to be put to death Sul'dam. Sunia glanced at him,her left eyebrow arched in question.
She is strong and killed 2 damane a Sul'dam and a Morat'torm and his mount before she was subdued.Why she was not put to death on the field I do not understand.

A small glint of hope appeared in her eye as she said, because the Empress may She live forever requires weapons and all efforts to supply them will be exauhasted before we destroy any.Sunia gestured impaitently for the door to be opened,forgoing the usual look through the small window.

When the door opened the young woman inside glared defiantly as Sunia entered the cell. The Captain stepping nervously to the side as he entered.
Yes Sunia drawled softly.Yes she drawled again as she thought, this may be the one. What is your name Sunia ask the girl.Eyes spitting defiance the girl said I am Gesa al' Sen with an unabashed hatred in her voice.

Finaly thought Sunia I have one with the spirit to mold into the weapon I need. Give me the keys to the cell and you may leave us Captain, Sunia
looked sternly at him as she extened her hand. But Sul'dam she is danger.... was all he got out before Sunia fixed him with a look that brooked no argument.The Captain swallowed hard as he passed her the key.

I said that will be all Captain said Sunia glairing at him. Yes Sul,dam he said eyes down as he backed from the cell. Sunia slowly turned to the leash hanging on the wall.

Gesa is it? she said, I used to have a pet Gara lizard name Ola, Sunia said as she clamped the end of the leash to her wrist. I belive you shall now be Ola.

The Captain reached his office and poured himself a strong cup of Kaf shivering at the thought of the look in the Sul'dams eyes as she looked at the damane. As he reached to close his door, the sceams began.
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Re: Return of a Sul'dam

Postby isabel » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:05 am

Haha love these psychotic sul'dam scenes - so much tension and drama. Thanks for posting.

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Re: Return of a Sul'dam

Postby Firimei Lang » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:58 am

I am excited as a player to see the ability to RP Sul'dam and Damane..
If you get to fc's able to play at the same time, then actual pairs would rock. So many ideas for wilder fc's alts if and when.

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