The Memory of a Child of Light never fades.

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Re: The Memory of a Child of Light never fades.

Postby Kaan » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:31 am

Thank you for editing and posting the log, Mhaliah.

It's insane that 4 years have already passed. I remember the week before his death going on a raid to Falme with him, then him taking my statter on a short smob run in Amador. The smob trip was one of those rare moments when I might usually have declined but at that moment decided to take him up on the offer... I am glad.

He was full of life, and his passing hit home really hard. Chavaon and I spent the first couple hours after learning of the news in each others' stunned company, reflecting on the years we had played alongside the man. I am pretty sure we are both still in disbelief after all of these years.

The music videos are awesome.

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