A reunion

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A reunion

Postby marion » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:03 pm

This is the continuation of A Test (viewtopic.php?f=79&t=6819) and The Tradition (viewtopic.php?f=79&t=6882)

Marion heeled her horse in Tower Square. The journey to Tar Valon had been hard, the convoy riding at a harsh pace so Aubrea could get to the White Tower as soon as possible. She had also started training the with the sword. It still felt clumsy in her hands - too big, too awkward, too unwieldy. She cleared her mind of thoughts of being some grand warrior, protector of kings, and shook her head. Tomorrow she would start the journey back home to learn the family business and find a proper suitor. Tomorrow, she started her life again.

A flicker at the edge of her vision caught Marion’s attention - a shake of dark curls, a familiar voice. Her heart fluttered; her stomach clenched. Unless she was mistaken… But she wouldn’t mistake her sister’s voice, even without seeing her for so long. She looked around the square, her eyes falling on the petite woman in a banded white dress. She breathed deeply and turned towards the Accepted.

A warhorse stops following Marion.
Alexa starts riding him.

Marion says 'I suppose you can take him and ride off again.'

Marion glares about the square.

A smartly dressed man leaves south.

Marion says 'Going to take Aubrea too?'

Alexa says 'What are you doing here?'

Marion nods towards the Tower.

Alexa says 'Is father with you?'

Marion says 'They took her too.'

Alexa looks to the tower.

Marion says 'I came to escort Aubrea.'

Marion says 'Father's still at home, though he's growing old.'

Alison says 'If your child has joined the white tower, then there is no going back for her.'

A sailor has arrived from the east.

Marion says 'He asks about you sometimes, but I guess your new life keeps you busy.'

Marion gawks at the Aes Sedai.

Marion says 'My child?'

Alexa says 'Aubrea is here..'

A raucous group of sailors has arrived from the east.
The sun casts a golden glow over the city.

Alison says 'or sister or brother'

Alison says 'no not brother.'

Marion says 'I escorted her as far as the kitchens.'

A warhorse pricks its ears forward and looks alert.

Alexa 's lip tugs toward a smile but it's gone as quickly as it came.

Alison says 'brothers normally join the valon guard.'

Reyne has arrived from the north.

Reyne curtseys gracefully.

Marion says 'Perhaps we should talk more, Alexa?'

Alexa closes her book and nods curtly.

Marion says 'If you have the time, of course. I know how busy they keep you.'

The day has begun.

Alexa says 'If I may, Aes Sedai?'

Marion says 'Too busy to write letters.'

A city lamplighter extinguishes a streetlamp.

Marion brushes a burr from her horse's mane.

Alison nods in agreement.

Marion says 'Well, have you written father?'

Alexa says 'Aubrea was tested... and she can?'

Marion grits her teeth.

Alexa grimaces slightly.

Marion says 'Yes. She can. Everyone can, apparently.'

Marion grabs her sword hilt.

Alexa sighs soflty, 'Not everyone...'

Alexa says 'I'm sorry Marion.. this isn't what you've imagined it is.'

Marion gives Alexa a cold stare.

Alexa says 'When you tested...'

Marion says 'I failed. Not even the hint of a spark.'

Alexa says 'I was already alone here, I was desperate for you to follow.'

Marion's face softens slightly.

Marion says 'You never wrote...'

Marion says 'You just left one day. I thought I'd be here the next year, but...'

Marion says 'Not a single word from you.'

A warhorse cocks its head up sharply.

Arelis curtseys before Alexa.

Marion says 'No wonder you weren't writing'

Marion says 'Acting all high and mighty, people curtseying to you.'

Alexa sighs.

Alison says 'who?'

Marion says 'My sister, here.'

Alexa says 'I stopped writing because I couldn't stand to hear of home any longer, knowing you wouldn't be following me... they say the Tower breaks all bonds...'

Reyne looks at Marion.

Marion looks taken aback.

Alison beams a smile at Harryl, the aged Warder.

Harryl, the aged Warder says 'You honor me, Aes Sedai.''

Marion says 'You should've said...'

Marion says 'Father was worried sick. And now we lost Aubrea too.'

Reyne peers closely at Marion, trying to figure her out.

Marion lounges against the fountain.

Reyne says 'You are the only sibling who cannot channel?'

Alexa says 'Said what, that I didn't want to write any longer. That you needed to forget me? That Father did... would that have been easier?'

Marion twists her face in a grimace.

Marion takes a deep breath.

Alexa says 'I'm not the girl you knew Marion.'

Marion says 'No, I suppose your silence made it much easier.'

Marion says 'Didn't think I'd be seeing you again.'

Marion says 'Perhaps it would've been better if I hadn't.'

Reyne sits down and rests on a bench.

Alexa says 'But Aubrea...'

Marion picks at her armor absently, hiding her face.

Alison leaves west.

Marion says 'Aubrea is like you.'

Marion says 'She can go off and forget me too, I guess.'

Alison has arrived from the west, riding a bloodstock stallion.

Alison says 'anyone want to pk?'

Alison leaves south riding a bloodstock stallion.

Alexa says 'You're going home then?'

Marion says 'What's the point of staying here?'

Marion says 'I don't even know my sister anymore.'

Marion spreads her hands. 'And Aubrea's going to follow right behind.'

Marion says 'She's got you now, if she even remembers you.'

Alexa says 'You could find a point, instead of sulking about the one talent you don’t excel in.'

Marion bristles.

Marion says 'A point? Like what?'

Reyne looks at Marion.

Marion looks at Reyne.

Reyne taps her chin thoughtfully.

Marion grips the hilt of her sword tightly.

Alexa says 'Being Aes Sedai isn't the only calling a woman can dream of, even few with the spark find success here.'

Marion says 'Being Aes Sedai was always your dream, sister.'

Marion says 'I wanted to come to the Tower because you were here.'

Randal has arrived from the north.

Randal bows deeply.

Randal sits down and rests.

Reyne stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Reyne curtseys before Randal.

Reyne sits down and rests on a bench.

Alexa says 'I hear tell even the Gaidin have opened their ranks to able women, you’re limited only by your own choices.'

Marion looks around in surprise.

Marion says 'The...Gaidin...?'

Marion's face softens.

Marion says 'We always did play at Aes Sedai and Gaidin, didn't we?'

Marion says 'Perhaps a life as Gaidin wouldn't be too terrible...'

Alexa arches an eyebrow.

Alexa says 'I'm afraid it may be more terrible than your imagining sister... you may want to consider that thought before doing anything rash.'

Reyne says 'It'd be nice to have some women warders about.'

Reyne winks at Marion.

Marion grins at Reyne.

Marion says 'At least someone around here appreciates me, Alexa.'

Marion says 'Even if you've forgotten your blood.'

Alexa says 'As always, you hear what you want and throw away the rest.'

Marion says 'The Tower breaks all bonds. Isn't that what you said?'

Alexa says 'Many who seek to become Gaidin find more than their bonds broken Marion. I urge you to think this through carefully.'

Marion glares towards her sister. 'You don't think I can do it.'

Alison has arrived from the south, riding a bloodstock stallion.

Alison hugs Etain.

Etain hugs Alison.

Reyne says 'Hm. Are we allowed to attack Seanchean on sight still though?'

Alexa says 'If your half as stubborn as you were, I believe you could. I just have seen more of this path than you have. Think sister, long and carefully.'

Alison says 'i trust they wont stop trying to kill us.'

Reyne nods in agreement.

Aubrea has arrived from the west.
A bloodstock stallion has arrived from the west.
A chicken has arrived from the west.

Aubrea curtseys gracefully.

Reyne beams a smile at Aubrea.

Alison says 'until otherwise instructed i will operate as before.'

Marion moves protectively towards Aubrea.

Marion whispers something to Aubrea.

Marion nods towards Alexa.

Aubrea whispers something to Marion.

Marion says 'Aubrea, it seems our older sister doesn't think I can become a Gaidin.'

Marshall bows deeply.

Reyne says 'Gaidin'

Reyne beams a smile at Marshall.

Marshall smiles happily.

Marion looks at Marshall, eyes wide.

Marshall flourishes grandly.

Marshall leaves south riding a bloodstock stallion.

Alison says 'Anything is possible, marion.'

Alison says 'The limit of what you achieve is only set by your own mind and your believes.'

Marion nods curtly towards Alexa.

Marion says 'Even the Aes Sedai realize my potential, Alexa.'

Fareleaen has arrived from the south, riding a bloodstock stallion.
Marshall has arrived from the south, riding a bloodstock stallion.

Fareleaen sits down and rests.

Alison says 'im an optimist, marion'

Aubrea says 'I think you should consult with someone who has undergone the training, rather than our sibling who seems to believe she knows more than her station would allow her to.'

Aubrea peers closely at Alexa; she should guard her secrets carefully...

Marion nods at Aubrea in agreement.

Marion says 'I've taught you well, Aubrea.'

Aubrea smiles happily.

Alexa sighs.

Reyne says 'Says the novice, presuming she knows what Accepted know.'

Alexa says 'Yes it appears you have taught her. Well, is debatable.'

Reyne beams a smile at Aubrea.

Marshall leaves north riding a bloodstock stallion.

Marion tentatively places a hand on Alexa's shoulder.

Marion says 'Maybe we should stop fighting and let bygones be bygones.'

Marion says 'It seems you and I will be seeing a lot more of each other.'

Reyne smiles happily.

Alexa says 'I'm not angry with you Marion, I know this place. I heed you to consider these choices carefully.'

Marion says 'Why would you be angry with me? I'm not the one who stopped pretending you existed.'

Aubrea says 'If you intended to offer her advice concerning her plans, one might think you could have lifted a pen to do so.'

Marion nods at Aubrea.

Alexa says 'Baby sister, or should I call you Novice, I don’t believe your opinion was asked.'

Marion whispers to Aubrea, 'Seems like that one's going to lord her power over you.'

Aubrea quietly mutters under her breath.

Alexa says 'I have said my peace.'

Reyne is enveloped by a flash of bright white light, and disappears.

Marion smiles at Alexa through gritted teeth. 'I will consider your advice to me, sister.'

Reyne has arrived from the north.

Marion says 'I fully expect to pen a letter to the Gaidin soon.'

Marion turns on her heel and leaves the square.

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Re: A reunion

Postby Calysta » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:33 pm

I love this, and can't wait to see it develop further!

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