A rebirth part 4

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A rebirth part 4

Postby hasp » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:05 pm

They laid there, regaining the breathe, and trying to recover from the fall. Gathering his thoughts, Hasp knew that had to make it to the group of trees to the north. He grabbed his fathers arm, threw it around his shoulder, and began to go as fast as they can. Gasping from air, Hasp collapsed yards before the tree line. He sent his mother and sister into the trees so close to them. Hasp sat on his bottom, grabbed his fathers arms, and started pulling him towards the trees.

Hasp gasped at the site of lights in the woods. There were three lights approaching them from different directions. One from his right, his left, and from where they had come. Knowing there was no hope and hoping they were not seanchan, he pulled his father and gathered the rest, moving to he bushes.

Hasp could see them approaching. It was not a lantern he saw, but some floating ball of light. Each ball seemed to be following a woman who was being led on a leash. Each one of them were flanked by two guards, their armor seeming to be some sort of lacquered red and green. You would think it was black the color was so dark though.

As they stopped ten paces away one of the guards drawled, "Show yourselves you cowards."

Hasp motioned his family to stay there and stood up. He slowly began to walk forward when something struck him from each side. He collapsed in pain screaming. The blows had broken both of his legs simultaneously. Writhing in pain a guard grabbed him by the hair pulling him to a sitting position.

"You thought you were smart enough to escape us?" he snarled. "We had seen you poking around the docks and talking to that wretched old man sine we arrived. If this land are full of people like you, we will reclaim these lands for the Empress, may she live forever, in no time."

He twisted the head of Hasp towards the bush where his family had been. In his anguish he had not noticed that all the women had moved behind the bush. One of the women demanded that they all stand up and begin to walk towards Hasp slowly. Hasp continued to weep on the ground, his head being contorted, and his legs feeling like they were going to explode.

"You will finally learn what happens when you do not listen. We told you obey, to wait, and to serve and you failed. You will learn the price of failure. Watch you pathetic wretch." spewed the same woman.

A blinding light, a loud pop, and screams all simultaneously rushed the senses of Hasp. He tried to collapse to the ground but the man would not let go of head. Sobbing consumed him as he saw the charred corpses of his family. He felt the blade of a sword touch his throat and Hasp wished for it to end. It was his fault this had happened. He should have know he was built for this but he did it anyways and what did it get him? Nothing but grief and sorrow. Nothing but pain and anguish.

The man suddenly released his hair and Hasp collapsed to the ground. Waiting for his life to be over he waited. Suddenly more screams and the sounds of fighting could be heard. Hasp picked his head up out of the dirt and tried to see what was happening. Two of the leashed ones lay on the ground motionless, while he saw the blade enter the last ones back. He could not make out much in the dim light but he could see these men wore white cloaks. Confused he saw the last seanchan member cut down by the blades of these strange men. One of the men turned toward Hasp and began to slowly walk towards him eyeing him fiercely. Suddenly, the man had pulled a dagger and put it to Hasps throat.

Another cloaked man walked over and pushed the blade away from Hasps throat. "Anor, this man was a captive, do not be so hasty" he said calmly. "Tell me young one, do you walk in the Light?"

Trying to compose himself from the pain and the shock of everything happening he began to stutter, "I, I...I dddd."

"Are you some kind of retarded sheep farmer from the Two Rivers boy?" the man sharply said.

Composing himself, trying to ignore the pain, with his voice still quivering, "I walk in the Light, sir."

"I am Lord Daal." he stated as he reached his hand to Hasp.

Hasp paused a second before deciding. What did he have to lose at this point? He grunted and squirmed a bit in pain as he reached out to the man. Lord Daal hoisted him in front of him laying across the saddle. The other man looked up at the Lord and asked, "Lord Daal, are you sure this is wise? The man seems useless and probably always will be."

Lord Daal smirked and nodded at Anor then said, "Anor, the time has come that we need to further our cause more than we have. We have been stagnant as of late and need as many abled, or not so abled at the moment bodies as we can get. I will see the Children of Light stand idle no more."

Lord Daal looked down at Hasp asking "Have you ever heard of the book, The Way of the Light and Lord Mantelar?"

Not good at this but hopefully get better as time goes on. Hope to write of some training and learning as I get time.
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Re: A rebirth part 4

Postby Viellain » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:46 am

How did I miss this! I will go read the other 3. I was entertained! We need more RP even though I suck at it.

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